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Friendship Chemistry
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8 Proven Factors to Understand Your Friendship Chemistry

Let’s start with a game… If someone asks what the age of your friendship with your best friend is, what will be your answer? You will simply answer 8 years or 10 years. But, in case, someone asks how deep your friendship is? or how much your friend knows you?, what will be your answer? 

These are definitely very unusual question but it is sometimes necessary to know how much your friend is serious about you and your friendship. You have the right to know whether your bestie considers you as bestie or as simple “just friend”. You will be able to know whether the friend with whom you are creating #InstaMoments, for whom you click a number of #candids and whom you consider as ‘partner in crime’ is giving you equal importance or not. These following factors are the USPs of true friendship and these will help you to understand you the chemistry and depth of your friendship. 

1. Go through some tricky questions

You can ask some personal questions like when and where you first met? Here, your aim is to know how much your bestie remembers you and your personal details. You can ask about your personal preferences as well. The person you consider as your best friend must have the information. You can ask for some dates and their importance for you. In Wisledge, you can find a list of such questions and you can take help from that (in case, you’re short of questions). A best friend must be able to answer these.

2. Ask about the weird situations you came across

You can ask the problems which you solved along with your best friend. Similarly, you can ask for the situations you made a mess. For you and your BFF, these will be memorable days. It is possible that you had traveled without ticket. It is also possible that you were caught by parents while going for a date. If your best friend recalls all these, your friendship is more than ‘just’ a friendship. 

3. Speak about the embarrassing moments which you managed for your bestie

Simply speaking, check whether she remembers the favors you had done to your friend. It is true that friendship is not a give and take policy but these small things are like memories. In future, you and your bestie can cherish these moments and smile forever. With your best friend, you can celebrate a simple day for no such occasions. If you are having this bond with your buddy, be sure, it is friendship for lifetime. 

4. Honest Feedbacks

A best friend will always give an honest comment. In case the person is really your best friend, he or she will say it clearly without any reluctance that the dress is not at all suiting you. It is because a best friend will laugh at you but he or she will never allow outsiders to laugh at you. One thing you can be sure that your best friend will want you to be imperfect. If you are having such a friend, never let him or her go. 

5. A helping hand

A best friend is like a guardian and helping hand. They are ready to assist you irrespective of time. So be sure, if you feel reluctant to call your friend at 2 AM for a silly reason, he or she is not at all your bestie. 

6. Getting the advice anytime

A best friend is also like guidance and the decision of the friend is considered with great importance. This factor should be present on both sides. Whenever you or your friend is going to take a serious decision, you must communicate. You and your friend must have the feeling that you are by each other’s side. As you are best friends, there is nothing much confidential and you both must be aware of each other’s first times. You are secret-sharers and secret-keepers for each other. Such bond means real friendship and it indicates an outstanding chemistry between you and your friend. 

7. Power to tolerate the weird habits

When somebody is your best friend, the person must have the power to tolerate your weird habits. It may seem weird for the rest of the world but it is absolutely alright for your best friend. A best friend is ready to go against the entire world just because of you. Having such chemistry with a friend is really something about luck. It is a blessing of God to have such a friend. 

8. Distance will never be an issue

Right now, long-distance friendship is nothing abstract. It means that the friendship is not like before if your friend is giving alibies because of the distance. It means the chemistry you and your best friend had once is missing right now. Due to distance, it may not be possible to meet every day but there are other ways of communicating at least once a week. It may be difficult, but best friends will manage at least once a week. When a friend feels broken, the best friend will be the only person on their call log. 

Based on these factors, you need to judge your friendship. If you feel that there is something missing in the friendship between you and your best friend. If you think twice before calling your friend, it means that the chemistry between you and your friend is unlike the previous time.  But, these factors work really well between you and your friend, be sure, this friendship is for the lifetime. 

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