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How to Maintain Healthy Relationships in Lockdown

As many people around the world are stepping into another lockdown due to the coronavirus pandemic, they are noticing the tension in their home is starting to rise. With so much new stress related to disrupted daily routines, remote working, lack of socializing, and general health concerns, couples unwittingly take their frustrations out on one another, ultimately hurting their relationships. However, there are still some ways you could make an
cheated on their spouse
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Should You Take Back a Cheater? Here’s 5 Questions You Need to as Yourself

Is it true that once a cheater is always a cheater? Will someone who have cheated on you do it again? Infidelity is a multifaceted thing. In fact, there are several studies which cite that the percentage of people who’ve cheated on their spouse is about 20% to 70%. With such a wide range of possibility that you’re with a cheater, surely there is more to this than initially meets
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Finally Revealed!! Reasons Why Men Leave Relationships

The magnificence of beginning a relationship is regularly so intriguing and breathing life into that one scarcely gives an idea about the chance of a separation or a self-destruct later over the span of the relationship. Like the colloquialism goes "everything that has a start has an end" thus it is with most connections however unquestionably not all. In any case, there are reasons declared to be likely explanations of
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5 Tips to Improve the Outcome of Your Divorce

One of the most difficult situations that a lot of people face during their lives is a divorce. In addition to all the sadness and negative feelings about having to separate from your significant other, you get thrown into situations like having to fight for custody or splitting your property and the money you have. It all can be stressful, but here are some tips on how to try and
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How to Spot a Catfish in the Online Dating World?

Online dating has become our new way of meeting people either for dating, friendship or hookups. Many online dating sites’ security measures aren’t up to scratch. This means that there are loads of fake profiles on their databases. These fraudulent profiles can cause havoc in many hopeful’s lives and scam you out of a lot of time. So, if the hookup dating site can’t protect you against these fraudsters, you
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How Can You Nurture Your Relationship With Your Children In Their Growing Up Years

Managing children and being a parent is something that every individual does but being good at it is something different. Your children need the right nurturing from you in their growing up years and if you cannot be best at it then it might hamper your relationship with your child or it might also affect their personality in some instances. It is fine to have disagreements, fights and other such
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Good relationship advices: 5 Ways to Keep Your Partner Satisfied

Mutual satisfaction and happiness of both partners is the definition of a good relationship. However, maintaining a relationship takes a lot of time and effort, and it requires both partners to be willing to make it work. If you were wondering what you can do to ensure your partner is content, here are five ways you can do it. Give them compliments from time to time Let’s face it –
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8 Proven Factors to Understand Your Friendship Chemistry

Let's start with a game… If someone asks what the age of your friendship with your best friend is, what will be your answer? You will simply answer 8 years or 10 years. But, in case, someone asks how deep your friendship is? or how much your friend knows you?, what will be your answer?  These are definitely very unusual question but it is sometimes necessary to know how much
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These Are Some of The Reasons Why Women Suffer and Yet Stay in A Toxic Relationship

There are a lot of toxic relationships, but sometimes, people wonder how they could last. Why doesn’t the woman leave her partner? Well, it’s not as easy as it sounds. The thing is, while many women do victimize themselves, they are not doing so consciously. They are blind and they are afraid of moving out of their comfort zone. There are several reasons why women tolerate a toxic relationship and