Prepare carefully before starting

Do you know that sometimes changing a piece of your furniture can give your home a fresh look?

Well, if you haven’t tried once in your life, then better do it now. I have done and it definitely brings a fresh feeling to my house.

But, if we always throw money on the paint spray services anytime we need, we will lose an amount of money. And, I think that cost is a bit of waste.

Instead of that, I mean, why don’t we paint spray on our tod?

Oh! Believe me. The feeling when you do something on your own is very interesting. Also, you can paint spray your furniture to your liking.

So, if anyone is willing to try at home, here are some of my interior paint sprayers advice that I have learned from experience.

And, I’m quite sure with my tips below, you can turn this matter into a piece of cake even when you have zero experience.

Are you curious? Check it now!

Painting Spray Your Furniture at Home with 8 Tips

Prepare Carefully Before Starting

Prepare carefully before starting
Prepare carefully before starting

I bet that you don’t want the paint to stick to other furniture nearby and make the whole house a mess.

My advice is to use plastic to cover the floor and the furniture around the targeted object carefully.

For the items that you intend to paint, you should clean it to remove dirt.

Plus, do not forget to wear a thick mask to avoid inhaling  the smell of paint!

Is Sandpaper Necessary?


Wood sanding is totally optional but paint spraying professionals advise to do this step for  the best results.

For example, if the  surface of your furniture is bright, you can start painting without sanding.

If you have to paint on a previously painted surface or the furniture has been gloss-coated without sandpaper, the job will be challenging as it requires a primer and a rather sophisticated coating to hold the color.

Also, some furniture has rough sections, holes, or paint spills, which require rubbing with sand. Primers in such cases are essential.

Anyway, sanding is always a good start to get the smooth finish after the painting process.

The Best Way to Use Sandpaper

Raw furniture with no paint or gloss coating can be easily scrubbed with sandpaper.

However, with polished furniture, the process is a bit more complicated, and you may need a thick and thin abrasive.

Take note that a strong or light stroke depends on the thickness of the sandpaper and the wood surface. You shouldn’t use too much force when working with sandpaper and pay attention to the original paint direction.

Just like step two, it is necessary to sand painted or coated furniture twice to maximize the effect of the paint.

Is Priming Required?

Is priming required
Is priming required

Of course not.

But to get a smooth finish or a durable coat, you need a primer.

However, once you have decided to use primer, sandpaper scrubbing should be done meticulously.

Painting Phase

After completing the cleaning cycle – grinding-polishing – grinding, you can now switch to the most exciting part of the job: paint.

Depending on your furniture, you will choose a suitable type of paint. There are two common kinds of colors, including Acrylic and water-based acrylic paints for wood furniture.

Both of these paints are applicable to wood but there are some types of paint used for walls only.

So, ask the shopkeeper or read the label carefully to avoid confusion.

Also, you can use both brush and rotating brush. The best way is to  paint  a rough layer with a brush then use a rotating brush to smoothen the color. In particular, if you cannot use the rotating brush at tight corners, go for a more clever brush.

Again, one of the things you should pay attention to in the painting process is how to get the ideal thick paint. You shouldn’t paint too rough or too thin color because it will get your item look worse.

To avoid above problems, you should paint twice, but you must wait for the first coat to dry completely before starting the second layer.

Creativity Is Never Enough

My article only focuses on basic spray painting techniques.

But with the interior, just changing its color can give it a makeover. With a bit of creativity, you can transform an outdated item into a work of art that people will admire.


This is the last necessary step after completing two coats of paint.

Even for paints that do not require gloss, you should still consult with experts or professional painters to get a more beautiful appearance for your furniture.

Choosing varnish colors that are suitable for basic paint is crucial.

It will become useful covers to protect your furniture from yellowing or termites in the future.


Long-Term Storage

At the end of this article, I will present you with some ways to protect your furniture.

The first thing to do is to avoid direct sunlight because it can peel off the wood surface. Likewise, humid environments can inflate the furniture, which reduces the lifespan of the item.

On the other hand, for the same reason, do not place high-temperature items such as irons, curlers, or hot food on the furniture without pads.


Have you ever tried to paint something yourself?

It won’t be hard anymore.

Above are eight tips to pain spray your furniture at home like a professional.

Thanks to those tips suggested by, now I can spray paint on my own without any help from the professionals.

If you think my information is useful, please share it to your family or anyone who may need it.

Thank you for reading.

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