Even if your skin care science is too good and you’re following it religiously, you may be somewhere down the line sabotaging your radiance. Its not because you did not take proper care of your skin but because you unintentionally ignored certain things. However, avoiding these 8 things (given below) that are ruining your skin care is extremely important for your clear, bright, acne free skin.

Tweezing Too Often

If you are among those who don’t let a single extra hair to grow on your brow, you are in a mess. Over-tweezing brows cause damage to your skin you cannot even fathom. Tweezers are filled with bacteria and over-tweezing can lead to infections. Moreover, stretching the skin over and over again in a lesser time period can cause your skin to sag.

Always wash your tweezers with antibacterial soap and prepare your skin by placing a hot towel over your brows to open up the pores. After the session of tweezing hair is over, soothe your skin with a cooling lotion one’s having. Aloe vera lotion is a good option to avoid ingrown hair.

Second-Hand Smoking

If you smoke, that’s a nightmare for your skin and if you don’t but remain around people who do, you are at almost equal risk. Even by being around smokers cause the skin to sag and can even speed up the process of premature aging. Besides, I am sure you might be aware of the health hazard it causes.

Avoid sharing the same space with smokers and if you smoke quit it right now.

Extreme Temperatures

Relaxing at spas for too long or remaining in the chilling AC temperatures can increase your skin care woes. The spa treats can cause sagging by breaking down the elasticity and natural collagen in the skin over time. AC at full speeds strip your skin off the skin moisture by creating a dry environment inside a room.

Keep your sauna and steam room usage to a minimum and instead of cranking up the cool air, turn your AC down.

Spending Time In Chlorinated Water

Who doesn’t like the splash in a swimming pool, but its harsh chlorine can dry out your skin leaving it red, flaky and itchy. It may even cause a burning sensation after some time if you don’t take care of it within time.

Make sure to shower well after each swim and do not spend hours in the swimming pool. Don’t forget to moisturize the skin thoroughly after stepping out.


Making faces or keep frowning all the time can lead to frown lines. Constant muscle movements due to facial expressions lead the muscles to cause wrinkles and lines around the mouth and forehead.

Give your skin a rest, avoid scrunching and pouting of the face that may cause deep lines on your skin. Use Revitol anti aging moisturizing cream to avoid forming of the frown lines. The already formed ones benefit too from its moisturizing abilities.

Waxing Too Often

Cease going to your beautician every time you see a new hair growing on your leg or arm. Waxing too often can result in raw skin and increased bumps. Ingrown hair is another annoying problem.

At least wait for 15 days for your hair to grow properly before hitting the salon for waxing.

High Sodium Intake

If you are a salt fan, just try to avoid too much of it especially in the night. Excess sodium in your food dehydrates your body sucking all the moisture of the skin.

So, cut back on too much of sodium intake and invest in a good hydrating lotion.

Talking Too Much On Phone

Spent all night talking on phone and in the morning screaming for a zit that appeared out of nowhere. Go back, try to roll back things and remember where you went wrong? Yes, that phone of yours! Hours spent on phone cause breakouts and rashes across your jawline especially if you have a dry skin.

Clean your phone with anti-bacterial wipes before you go on a long chit chat session.

Accidentally for sure, nobody does these mistakes intentionally, but now that you know of it, try to avoid them. Take care of your skin.

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