Will WWE book The Miz as Roman Reigns' next opponent?

OMG, WWE may finally have done something even I can get behind.

Because of the recent injury to Braun Strowman, which will keep the giant out of action anywhere from four to eight weeks, the company has had to do some shuffling. That means storylines have been edited. Opponents have been changed. The news of a possible feud between The Miz and Roman Reigns may give the fans and the Raw brand something fresh to build on.

Originally, it was believed Reigns and Bray Wyatt would once again meet in the middle of the ring as a “filler” in the wake of Strowman’s injury. It is also rumored Brock Lesnar will face Finn Balor with the Universal Heavyweight Title on the line. WWE cannot afford to lose what little fans it has. Reigns and Wyatt would certainly turn them off in a flash.

According to Ryan Dilbert of Bleacher Report, this meeting of powerhouse and crafty coward has the potential to be a burst of adrenaline for the red brand. The Miz tearing into The Big Dog on the mic will be must-see TV. And in an era with so many hours of programming to fill, it’s hard to find feuds as fresh as this one.

That’s apparently the direction is headed. Billi Bhatti of Wrestling Inc reported: “Reigns, who was scheduled to feud with Braun Strowman through the Extreme Rules pay-per-view, will be facing The Miz in his next program.”

WWE has still seen fit to use Reigns as their top babyface on Monday nights while Strowman has proven more than ready to become the top villain on either the Raw or SmackDown Live brands. While Lesnar is viewed as a “tweener” in his role as champion, he would certainly play the heel in a program with the uber-popular Balor.

“Reigns is a brooding, take-no-prisoners badass built like a Marvel superhero. The Miz is a slimy, smarmy egotist who isn’t afraid to use his wife Maryse as a human shield. The juxtaposition of their characters alone is enough to pique one’s interest,” Dilbert said.

The Miz continues to bring an old-school feel to Monday nights. Along with his wife Maryse, he represents the closest thing to a Tully Blanchard-Baby Doll character in the business today.

“Suddenly, Raw is without its hottest commodity. A show already suffering from Lesnar and the Universal Championship being non-existent presences is in need of momentum. And Reigns is in need of a foil,” Dilbert explains.

“The Miz standing opposite him would be a refreshing sight. WWE fans have only seen them battle in one-on-one action four times and only twice in the last two years, per CageMatch.net.”

If The Miz is ever going to be considered a real contender for the Universal Title – where a feud with Balor is very possible, then he needs a stronger resume of opponents he has little ring time with. Reigns presents a solid opportunity to move forward. Also, because he is so skilled in front of a microphone, he will also put Reigns over as the lead babyface on the red team.

Booking this feud also puts an end to Dean Ambrose and The Miz, which spilled over from Tuesday nights and threw up on Raw out of necessity. WWE should take advantage of The Miz’s ability to draw heat in an effort to continue to force feed Reigns to the fans as the company’s new face of the red brand.




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