Guide to Buying Your First Bong

Whether you are a seasoned toker or new to smoking, you should know the importance of investing in the right piece of equipment as it can change your smoking experience. 

Buying your first ever bong can be a baffling experience, mainly if you are new to smoking. The sheer number of models like the Roar Glass Bongs that come in different sizes, styles, and materials available online can make the selection process drawn-out and difficult.

Smoking out of a bong is something more than just a result. Different types of bongs will give you different experiences, and it all comes back to you choosing the right one. This guide will take you through all the details you should know to find the right bong.

Choose the Right Material

Bongs are available in different materials, ranging from glass to acrylic and plastic. Nowadays, there are some bongs made of bamboo and silicone available in the market. So, while buying your first bong, it is essential to choose the right material for a good smoking experience. 

For this, you have to understand that the choice of the material can affect the flavor strongly. For example, models like Roor glass bongs are made of high-quality glass, which perfectly balances the water and volume ratio, making the bong highly functional. 

Another factor to consider is the material’s durability. Glass bongs make an excellent choice if you afford to invest time for a little maintenance then and there. Nevertheless, any material you choose, make sure to check the handling instructions before using it.

Types of Percolator

The percolator is one of the essential parts of the bong. While you are firing up the herbs, the smoke produced tends to contain unwanted and unhealthy toxins. The percolator helps remove these toxins while you are smoking.

Another advantage of the percolator is it gives you a smoother hit as it helps cool down the smoke. There are different types of percolators in the market that you can choose from. For dry herbs, you can go for the ones which offer better filtration features like tree or honeycomb percolator. 

If you plan to use the bong for smoking waxes or concentrates, you can choose a lighter percolator.

Check Out the Different Sizes

Though you will have the urge to buy a larger bong for your first-time use, it is better to start small during the initial days. You don’t have to blindly go for a standard-sized tall bong, as there is a wide range of size options available in the market. 

A prime example is models like Roor glass bongs, which are available from 18 mm to 18″ in size. A smaller bong will be more transportable than a 2-foot glass bong. Similarly, if you smoke discreetly, smaller bongs are easy to put out of sight in cabinets.

The size of the bong also affects your smoking experience. A bigger bong comes with a larger chamber which means you can take more smoke at one time. 

Other Factors to Think About

Your personality and situation are something you should think about when planning to buy your first bong. Though a hand-crafted three or four-piece bong might look tempting and great, it will soon become unusable if you don’t spend enough time cleaning the parts regularly.

Price is also an essential factor to consider. You can easily find bongs that cost less than $50 and others that cost more than $200. For your first bong, you can start with a smaller one, and as your smoking preference naturally evolves, you can invest in more options to add to your collection. 

Once you get your first bong, don’t forget to schedule the cleanup and maintenance routine. Even if you buy the highest-quality glass bong, it may lose its functionality soon if you don’t take care of it. Remember, you can always upgrade to new models once you gain more experience. 

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