Photography is a popular, skill-based hobby suitable for all to enjoy at any level. Developing your photography skills can actually open many doors in terms of beginning a new career path and creating an income for yourself. If you are considering levelling up your skills and becoming a pro, why not follow some of these top tips from Clickasnap. Once you’ve perfected your skills and are taking some of your best shots, why not consider making some money via a photo sharing site or starting your very own business?

Get some work experience

This seems to be a message many will feel they’ve heard, again and again, no matter the industry you are trying to break into. To become a professional photographer, making money from your work, gaining some work experience is one of the best places to start. Although this will usually be unpaid work, it allows for you to take what Is a hobby and learn the other elements of being a professional photographer, such as working with clients and to a schedule. Working as a photographer can be very different from doing this for fun. It means you will have to learn to adjust to different clients and their demands, producing content for them that meets their expectations.

It is not worth your time reaching out to large companies as they will often outsource their photography. To gain some work experience it is useful to reach out to local photographers and photography studios directly who may be able to offer you some experience working alongside them. Whatever they are able to offer you, even if this is a day assisting an event of photoshoot, make the most of this experience. Ask the questions you want answers to and get involved with their processes. Work experience with pro photographers offers you a great opportunity to network and build your contacts list. This work experience could even lead to an internship!

Do a photography course

There are plenty of options for expanding your knowledge within photography. Some avid photographers will enrol onto formal course, achieving degrees and certifications. Alternatively, there are many short online courses and workshops you can complete in your spare time to learn tips and tricks of the industry.

Opting for a Bachelor of Arts (BA) in photography from a university of your choice, would provide you a foundation for starting a photography business. Finessing your photography skills and giving you the business knowledge and understanding to make this your sole income.

Short courses and workshops are great for beginners looking for a step up into the photography world. Offering a great opportunity to network with fellow photographers and soak in the lessons they can teach you.

Start creating a portfolio

For a truly professional look, start creating a portfolio. This a brilliant asset to show off your very best work and to gain the attention of paying clients. With so much competition from other talented photographers it can be hard to stand out in the busy crowd. Your portfolio should demonstrate exactly what you can offer clients and will draw attention to your skills. This can be either an online portfolio or a physical copy.

Create an online presence to reach clients

In an increasingly digital world, an online presence is very important when trying to grow a business. The access you have to social media should be utilised to send a message to potential clients that you are willing and able to offer them professional photography services. With social media being both free and easy to use you can build yourself a page created purely for your photography. Use these social platforms to document your journey as a photographer and some of your very best work. Utilising this popular form of digital marketing may provide you the chance to breakthrough as a professional photographer!

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