Dear Greg Abbott,

19 young children are dead along with two teachers.

Greg, I cannot begin to imagine what it was like to make an announcement about a terroristic attack at an elementary school.

Yet, you may have fooled a lot of people with your fake outrage over what happened, yet most see right through you and see your true colors.

The thing is we already know that you Greg value guns more than human life. We know this due to the law you signed nearly a year ago that allowed anyone of legal age to purchase one or two for that matter, without any kind of training.

It also speaks volumes that Texas does not have a law requiring background checks when it comes to private gun shows and unlicensed vendors.

Regardless, what I do hope is that every day for the rest of your life is that you are reminded of those 19 children who had their lives ended prematurely not even 24 hours ago.

Greg, I want those on social media to bombard you with their pictures, biographies, the stories and the sounds of parents being told of their child’s deaths, so you will never forget that you were directly responsible for what happened in Uvalde, TX.

Once again, the sad thing is you really do not care. So how pathetic is that? 

Now, the more hilarious notion came from your Attorney General, Ken Paxton. Who wants to arm teachers and administrators. 

It is a bit odd that since it was not that long ago, those same teachers were not trusted to teach certain subjects in school.

With some being called “groomers.”

Yet, Paxton fails to mention that the terrorist was wearing body armor.

There were also more details released later on detailing what transpired before this particular individual got to the school.

So, Greg what should happen now?

You should remain out of the spotlight no one really wants to see your fake sincerity.

Yet, if you have a functioning heart you need to pay for all 19 funerals for the children, as well as the two funerals for the teachers.

Unfortunately, I do not think you have the wherewithal to do it. I also look forward to a tweet elaborating how you will make sure that something like this happen again.

I mean you did tweet that you were going to end rape in Texas as well.

How is that working out for you, Greg?


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