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Bratislava, which is one of the popular cities amongst tourists is the capital city of Slovakia. Though it is not as large as its other neighboring cities like Vienna, Prague, and Budapest, this city has many things to offer its tourists. This includes interesting places to explore, smaller crowds and most importantly inexpensive as compared to others. 

Many people just have a small stop at this place for a day or two such as travelling from Vienna to Bratislava. But to tell you, you will not get bored spending your time here and learning more about the culture and charm of this city. You need to know about this bus station Bratislava Nivy, from where the buses travel to different locations in Slovakia. Their service buses include features like luggage storage, benches with chargers, airport type terminals and losses & findings. 

About Bratislava

This city is located along the banks of the Danube. It is said to be on the southwestern part of the country nearing the border and have two neighboring countries like Austria and Hungary.

Following are the attractions in Bratislava:

  • Old Town: Here you have attractions like the Cathedral of Saint Martin, famous fountains of Roland or Maximillian. The street is full of architectural masterpieces and also some elegant restaurants, cafés, galleries and shops.
  • Old Town Hall: This is one of the oldest buildings in the city with various architectural features. You will see the oldest XIII century clock which is seen above the square of Bratislava.  
  • Bratislava Castle: It is an important building in the city. built-in the 9th century above the banks of the Danube, this building can be seen almost from everywhere in the city. This is the meeting place for the Council of the Slovak Republic. It also has the Slovak National and the Historical museums that can be visited by anyone.
  • St. Michael’s Gate: This is one of the gates that have been survived since the middle- ages. This tower which is 51 meters high and was built almost 700 years ago, opens up the memory of this city. next to the gate is the St. Michaels Church. After the reconstruction that was done almost in the 18th century, there was a statue of St. Michael made along with a dragon. There is also a zero sign under this gate where you can make a wish
  • Slavin Memorial: This is located high in the city. Here you will find the graves of around 6000 soldiers who had died in World War II. 

About Bratislava Card

This is going to be a very helpful card that can give you multiple discounts. Apart from this, you can have a one hour guided tour of the Slovak capital and also unlimited transportation through the public transport network. This card can be bought at different stations, tourist information offices and online too.


Bratislava has an international airport where you can get many direct flights. Many international trains run daily from Vienna and Budapest. Buses are also available from Bratislava to neighboring cities. This is cheaper and more convenient to travel to villages too. 


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