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Alex Rodriguez : Is There A Conspiracy against A-Rod?

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Alex Rodriguez will finally return to the majors Monday, as manager Joe Girardi said the third baseman is “penciled in” to start. He has been playing in rehab games for his strained quadricep, but has struggled, sporting a weak .214 average, with three homeruns, 10 RBI, and six walks.

This will be A-Rod’s first start of the 2013 season unless the suspension he  receives will not allow him to play while appealing.

The MLB has been desperately trying to keep Rodriguez out of the MLB, as they have been trying to ban him for life. However, with that being unreasonable and with the chances that Rodriguez will sue the MLB if banned, they are likely handing him a 214-game suspension, which would keep him out of the majors until the 2015 season.

With this suspension, there are hopes that Rodriguez serves whatever he is handed and then walks away from the majors. Rodriguez has made it clear that he will appeal the suspension, rather than admitting what he did, reducing the suspension to 162 games without appeal.

It seems as though the New York Yankees have also been trying to keep Rodriguez out of the majors as well. They Yankees have made it known that the team is tired of the recent news on A-Rod, believing he is a distraction to the team.

Even with the Yankees’ third baseman batting in the low .220’s as a whole, they don’t want Rodriguez to try and fill that hole. It’s clear they want the A-Rod drama to stop. Can you blame them?

The Yankees also owe Rodriguez the rest of his contract, which is $95 million dollars. With this projected 214-game suspension, Rodriguez will lose $34 million dollars off his contract, as the Yankees would get a good portion of his contract back.

Rodriguez really wants to play in the majors, as he said, “I’m excited to play Monday,” Rodriguez said. “I can’t wait to see my teammates. I feel like I can help them win.”

Bud Selig and the rest of the MLB officials will try their hardest to make A-Rod not play in any game through 2014.

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