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Alicia Trautwein Brings Awareness to Parenting Children with Autism

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It seems like times are changing and we are living in an era when mental health is taken as seriously as physical health. More and more people are speaking about their experiences and advocating to bring awareness to different diagnosis. Advocates are creating the appropriate environments for everyone to feel comfortable talking about their own diagnosis. The Mom Kind, created by Alicia Trautwein, aims to bring awareness to parenting children with Autism.

Who is this blogger? Alicia is a certified life coach and mother of four. She has Autism and has raised children with different diagnosis including ADHD, Anxiety, Autism, Bipolar, Depression, Restless Leg Syndrome, and Sleep Apnea. When she started doing her research after her children’s diagnosis, she noticed there were not many platforms for parents to share their experience raising multiple children on the spectrum. Because she could not find it, she decided to create that space on her own. This is how The Mom Kind was born.

Even though it was not something she planned, Alicia Trautwein became an advocate for Autism and Neurodiversity. She dedicates her blog to neurodiverse families with topics to educate, encourage, involve, and bring some joy. These topics are divided into three separate categories: Autism, Special Needs, and Parenting. In each of them, this mom of four shares her knowledge and her experience. The great thing is she makes every post personal which helps readers relate to her life and connect with her.

The Mom Kind readers will immediately perceive a home-oriented vibe as the blogger wants everyone to feel like family. As she has been in a similar situation to theirs, Alicia aims for parents to find comfort and guidance in her posts, in her daily life, and her experiences. With every article, she sheds light on what it is like to raise multiple children on the spectrum and the importance of learning to live with each diagnosis.

Alicia’s posts offer advice, give tips for different activities to do with your children, and share her own feelings as a parent. Even though life is not easy, she is trying to help people figure out how to deal with each obstacle and challenge they will have to face. Parenting is not easy either. For this mom, “Parenting is an adventure in and of itself.  I am blessed to have an amazing husband (Andy) to share this journey with.  There is no way I could keep any form of sanity without him by my side! Together we are learning the ropes of parenting four children, all at very different stages of their lives.” In her blog, she helps other parents like herself learn the ropes no matter where in life they are and what kind of need they are facing.

As we see a surge in conversations surrounding mental health, it is important to find an advocate you can relate to and connect with. Her family-oriented posts, her experience, and her love make Alicia Trautwein a very accessible and relatable blogger. If you need more information, guidance, or support on raising children on the spectrum or having a neurodiverse family, she is the advocate you are looking for.

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