We can learn so much from entrepreneurs. From the daring to the more reserved entrepreneurs – each gives us a look into what’s possible and inspires us with their tenacity. As more and more people branch out into entrepreneurship, we are offered a glimpse into efforts that can change how we work, live, and play. We recently sat down with Eyefuel PR’s CEO Jared Sanborn, who opened up about his company, the philosophy that launched his efforts and guided his life. 

Sanborn is a seasoned entrepreneur with sixteen years of experience and multiple companies under his belt. He maintains it wasn’t easy, but it was completely worth it. “It took a lot of hard work and learning from my failures to get to where I am now,” says Sanborn. “Working your way to the top is one thing, but you also have to learn your way to the top.” An interesting chat with a very motivated man, Sanborn offers ideas poised for the future. 

First, introduce us to Eyefuel PR.

“​Eyefuel PR is a full-service digital marketing, social media, and content creation company focused on optimizing growth hacks,” states Sanborn. “We uniquely understand the differences between platforms, ensuring that our clients obtain real audiences with high-potential ROI.” Eyefuel delivers on everything from Instagram verification, TikTok marketing, press releases, and even social media marketing for streaming platforms. Sanborn explains further, “we see the internet as one big untapped ecosystem, and we take an integrated approach to harnessing that for our clients.”

What sets Eyefuel PR apart?

I​t’s apparent when you come to Eyefuel that you are getting a full-service agency. “It is our attitude that digital marketing should be viewed as a cohesive strategy and not separate entities,” explains Sanborn. “We are experts at digital, meaning we can combine and drive all your platforms toward success.” Sanborn believes that the future of digital marketing will require a united approach meaning each strategy for each platform should complement each other. 

How would you describe your personal philosophy?

“Stay humble but pay attention,” states Sanborn. “Do not let failure let you lose sight of your mission.” Sanborn believes a significant driver of his success is his ability to absorb information, process it, and turn it into actionable advice that works in real life and not just theory. “You don’t want ego or failure to give you a limited view of the future,” explains Sanborn. “Stay open to possibilities and work hard as the opportunities arise.”

Any advice for aspiring entrepreneurs?

“Listen two times as much as you speak to those who are two times above your peak,” states Sanborn. “Learn two times as much as you teach from those who are two times out of your reach.”

So, double down and double your results?

Sanborn laughs, “Yes! Kind of like that. If you want to be successful, you have to start moving up, and I believe that happens in twos.”

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