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Andrew Bogut: Is He A Top Overall Bust?

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It’s not uncommon for a top overall pick to falter in the NBA. We have seen players like Kwame Brown, Andrea Bargnani and  Michael Olowokandi falter in the league. However, will Andrew Bogut soon be placed on that list? With reports that Andrew Bogut might miss extended time with yet another injury, is it time to finally close the book on him?

Andrew Bogut when healthy is one of the most underrated bigs in the game. He is a dominate defender, rebounder, and quite the exceptional passer. However, Bogut can’t seem to keep himself on the court, which has always prevented him from becoming that elite player he was capable of.

It seems cliché to look back at who was drafted ahead of who, but Bogut’s class is full of prime NBA talent, as Deron Williams and Chris Paul were taken third and fourth.

It’s easy to look back and laugh at that decision now, but Bogut truly was the best player coming out of college in that draft. He averaged 20.4 points and 12.2 rebounds during his sophomore season for the Utah Utes, and was unquestionably the most dominant and athletic player in the country.

The 2005 draft also saw Bogut’s Golden State teammate David Lee taken with the last pick in the first round.

In addition to Bogut, Milwaukee drafted Ersan Ilyasova, who like Bogut, has seen his potential cut back by injury. Monta Ellis and Marcin Gortat went 40th and 57th respectively.

So, why bring up the draft?

As mentioned before, there truly is no telling a player’s future during one draft night. If you look at all of these players drafted behind Bogut (Okay, Ilyasova was a stretch, but still a quality second-rounder.) they have all had more success in the league than Andrew has, two of which (Ellis and Gortat) have been instrumental parts to their team’s success the last two years.

However, its Ellis that is the key piece here.

On March 13th, 2012, the Milwaukee Bucks traded Monta Ellis to the Golden State Warriors, and who did they trade him for?

Yes, it was indeed Andrew Bogut.

The argument here is the number one overall pick in the 2005 draft got traded for the 40th overall pick, and it’s the second rounder that has turned out to be the most consistent pro.

Bogut has had a respectable career so far, however his only full season in the league was his rookie year in 2005-06. He has had seasons of 36 games played, 12 games played, and he was only able to manage 12 games during the lockout season.

Bogut’s career averages are a measly 11.4 points and a solid 9.3 rebounds. He has managed to make a career for himself in the league, and that’s saying something, but when you talk about top overall picks that’s not going to cut it.

Although, you have to give Bogut one thing, he isn’t Kwame Brown.

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