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Are Meal Replacement Shakes a Healthy Way to Lose Weight?

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Wonder are the diet shakes good for you? Being bombarded with a number of advertisements introducing you the best meal replacement shakes stating they are healthy for you, probably, you might begin to try to figure out whether it is possible. “Are meal replacement shakes a healthy way to lose weight?” and “Is meal replacement shake good for you?” might be those of the main questions you can ask yourself. Let’s try to figure out are meal replacement shakes healthy.

So do they work?
The answer is “yes” for sure. According to the results of the study, which took place in 2003, using the meal replacement shakes is beneficial, promising, and encouraging. During this study, 487 people were assigned randomly to either a traditional reduced-calorie diet or a partial meal replacement diet. Both of the groups lost pounds in 3 months. In a year, 33% of the participants following reduced-calorie diets and 74% of the participants who followed diets that were partially supplemented with some meal replacements, had got rid of more than 5% of the initial weight.

The second study in 2007 where 96 women took part has shown that those who consumed 1-2 meal replacement shakes per day have had a significant weight loss results. However, the difference between this group that used meal replacement shakes and the one that followed a traditional low-fat diet, was not very significant.

The verdict
All things considered, the meal replacement shakes can really help you lose weight. However, they are a temporary phenomenon because you might get bored to use them all the time. Also, it is rather too complicated to have such a strict lifestyle during a long period of time.

In addition, it is impossible to sustain our body with all the necessary nutrients with a help of the meal replacement shakes. This is simply because the scientists will never be able to design the powder that contains all the healthy ingredients that come with food. Besides, if we leave such a “shakes-consuming” lifestyle, we limit ourselves and deprive of many positive pleasures and activities in life such as birthday parties and weddings.

Tips when using the meal replacement shakes:

  • Try to use the powder with vegetables and fruits. Also, you may have some unsweetened, green or ginger tea in a half or an hour after drinking a meal replacement shake.
  • Choose the shake with all the most important nutrients for you to feel full and grow lean muscles.
  • Select a shake that comes with a higher or equal amount of carbs in comparison to protein.
  • Note that a healthy amount of protein in a shake for women is 25-30 grams.
  • Make sure you get enough calories, which provide with all the important nutrients.
  • Check the ingredient labels to figure out the amount of sugar and preservatives.

It is up to you whether to purchase a meal replacement shake or not, but if you do, remember that you will have to change all your lifestyle to adhere to the rules of using such food. Your life will definitely not be the same when you make such a decision. Please ask your doctor for a piece of advice concerning the product.

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