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Browns: Coleman Traded to Make Room for Dez Bryant Signing

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When GM John Dorsey took over the GM position for the Cleveland Browns franchise one thing was made clear, the atmosphere around the team needed to be changed. The quote he used was “let’s reawaken this sleeping giant, the Cleveland Browns.” So he has come in and brought in some new players ones and has gotten rid of any players he thinks will not create the atmosphere he is wanting out of this team. With additions like Tyrod Taylor and Jarvis Landry in addition to Carlos Hyde, this team is trying to change the perception of their losing ways. They also used the number 1 and number 4 pick in the NFL Draft to pick Heisman Trophy winner Baker Mayfield and Denzel Ward a DB from Ohio State.

So the reason they decided to trade Corey Coleman for a 2020 7th round pick. Many people are confused about why they traded him and how little they got for him seeing as his pick was part of the deal to move down when the Eagles went out and drafted Carson Wentz. There are many different reasons to look at, we will start with the first which is Coleman dropped a lot of passes last season. As a matter of fact he was top 10 in the league in drops. This leads to another reason he was traded his off the field issues were starting to become a problem. Another reason he was traded was the team acquired Jarvis Landry this offseason which means Coleman who is normally a slot guy probably wouldn’t have been starting. And my final reason and reason behind this piece is because of #88 Dez Bryant.

The Browns appear to be making room on the roster for Dez to come and play with them. This is a very good move for them and I will tell you why. Yes, we all know that Dez is a bit of a diva and can whine a lot but overall the dude just wants to win and catch touchdowns. You have a young and inexperienced QB on the roster and another who is a rookie both would benefit from a veteran receiver like Dez who gives you a big target on the outside. Dez will also take the pressure off of Josh Gordon and not allow teams to double cover him. Which will also open up the slot for Landry and open up Njoku for passes as well. Even if Dez only goes for 700-800 yards this season the nonstats will be the best thing he can give this Browns football team.

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