Are you ignoring these common signs of Anemia?

common signs of Anemia

Anemia is a widely spread nutritional disorder and affects almost 1.62 billion people across the globe, most of whom are children under fourteen, according to the WHO.

Despite occurring widely, most people tend to ignore the basic symptoms of the disease and realize it only when they are too late. The basic symptoms include – experiencing dizziness, even after mild exertion, trouble remembering things and finding it difficult to focus.

Below are some common signs of anemia. If you nod in conformation to any of these listed symptoms, visit a doctor immediately:


When suffering from anemia, your body will experience a lack of red blood cells. This has a negative impact on the oxygen supply to various essential organs of the body. This will lead to increased fatigue even with the slightest of body activity because your body parts are not receiving a sufficient amount of oxygen via the RBCs.

If you notice that you are feeling tired even after getting proper sleep and rest, it is an alarm call for you to visit a doctor as early as possible and comprehend your situation with a health check-up.

Shortness of Breath

As mentioned earlier, there is a lack of oxygen supply to the vital organs of the body during anemia. Low oxygen supply to the body parts can lead to breathlessness even after mild exertion that are common daily activities for others. If you experience this breathlessness or face difficulty in breathing, even after doing the most basic of things like walking and climbing stairs, you need to consult your doctor immediately.

Breathlessness is one of the most common symptoms of anemia, do not ignore it.

Brittle Nails

Iron is the most important component required by the body to make red blood cells. Thus, iron deficiency is the foremost cause of anemia. It also leads to the weakening of other body parts, like, your fingernails.

In case you notice that your fingernails are becoming thinner and break off easily, it might be due to a lack of iron consumption by the body, which is a precursor to anemia. Thus, do not ignore this minute symptom as it is maybe a major indicator for worse.

Pale Skin

If the skin does not receive a sufficient amount of blood supply, its colour might begin to change to a paler shade. A deficiency of vitamins could also be the cause of the skin getting paler. However, it is an important symptom of anemia and it is vital to your health that you consult a doctor about this problem immediately.

Constant chest pain

Many patients suffering from anemia have often complained about experiencing a mild, but constant ache in the chest region. Doctors mostly attribute this prevailing pain to a lack of oxygen supply to the heart. If you are experiencing such a pain in your heart, it can be a clear sign of anemia.

Also, ignoring the pain in the chest is never a good idea as it could be due to other heart problems as well.

Strange cravings

It is common among anemia patients to experience strange cravings for food products they normally would not have, like, baking soda. This points to a deficiency of iron in the body of the anemia affected person.

If you are also experiencing cravings for food items that have no nutrients in them, it’s an alarm call already!


Numbness, in simple terms, is a feeling of pins and needles in your hands and feet. A majority of the people suffering from anemia have complained about this feeling of numbness. It is caused by a lack of vitamin B12 and an extremely low supply to the organs.

Improper stools

It is common for people suffering from anemia to pass out black stools, or blood-stained stools. A lesser common occurrence is rectal bleeding. This can also be a sign of gastrointestinal disorders and requires immediate treatment.

Irregular bleeding during periods (only for women)

The female gene is extremely prone to anemia due to menstrual flow. The presence of fibroids in the uterine cavity can lead to excessive and irregular blood loss during periods, making them a victim of this treacherous disease. It’s in your best interest to visit your gynecologist and discuss in detail about your condition.

Anemia can be a serious health cause to anyone and everyone, but if diagnosed early, it can be cured with simple changes in your daily lifestyle. So don’t delay your visit to the clinic if any of the above-mentioned symptoms sound familiar. Take supplements, include rich food in your diet and whatever else is required, but make sure to take care of Hemoglobin right now. Sites like Pharmeasy offers many supplements that can help you prevent Anemia. All that you have to do is to take the first step towards a healthy lifestyle.


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