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Arguably The Best Wooden Coaster In The World, The Beast At Kings Island Is Can’t Miss

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Not many coasters in the world are as iconic as The Beast at Kings Island. The classic wooden coaster is said by some to the best wood coaster in the world. And it’s true, as the ride never lets up. It truly is a first-class coaster.

One thing people will tell you about The Beast, is that for all its praise, the coaster is extremely rough. That’s going to be the case with a ride that was built-in 1979. Although, for me personally, I didn’t find it to be as rough. I sat in the back of the coaster and didn’t feel much pain. Maybe my tolerance for some coasters is just higher.

The Beast is the longest wooden coaster in the world. You are definitely treated to an extremely long ride. That’s one of the factors that appealed to me on the coaster. And for its length, the Beast delivers on many levels.

The most rewarding element on the coaster is the end 540-degree helix. Also, the two lift hills ( which took quite a long time to ascend), are a nice break between the ride’s two halves. In addition, the Beast features numerous tunnels, which really adds to a coaster’s appeal in my opinion.

I’m not going to lie, the Beast instantly became my top coaster after riding it. I know some will disagree, but it’s such an experience ride that I had to rank it high. You don’t get much, if any, airtime, but it’s a classic wooden coaster. To some, that’s all you need for a coaster to be great.

I still do like the air time heavy wooden coasters, but rides like the Beast shouldn’t be overlooked. Unfortunately, I didn’t get to ride The Beast at night. I’ve heard that’s where the ride really shines. It’s already my top coaster. So a night ride would only add to its appeal for me

The Beast is one of the world’s best wooden coasters. If you’re a coaster fanatic and haven’t been on this, you’re truly missing out. Make it a point to travel to Kings Island for this coaster. You don’t be disappointed.

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