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Controversial Opinions: The Cleveland Cavaliers Are Not Title Contenders

One loss does not an NBA season make. It's the end of the season and teams are resting players. One loss does not matter. So why was the Cleveland Cavaliers loss on Monday so damning? Monday night, the Cavs absorbed a drubbing from the San Antonio Spurs. If anyone tells you the game wasn't close, they're lying: the score was briefly tied at 0-0. The Spurs got wherever they wanted
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Andrew Bogut Injury Puts Cleveland Cavaliers in Dire Straits

In his first minute of action with the Cleveland Cavaliers Monday night, Andrew Bogut suffered a fractured tibia. He'll be out the rest of the regular season and could miss the playoffs entirely. The Bogut pickup was a steal for the Cavs, who got Bogut for well under the veteran's minimum, thanks to the Sixers buying him out after a trade with the Mavericks (Trust the process, right?) The veteran center
Isaiah Thomas really becoming a solid G
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Is Isaiah Thomas Really That G?

On Wednesday night, Isaiah Thomas and the Boston Celtics defeated the defending champion Cleveland Cavaliers 103-99 in a scintillating contest that had the hallmarks of a potential playoff matchup. While the Boston PG didn't match his usual fourth-quarter output (a league-leading 10.3 points), he was quick to defend himself after the game, according to ESPN's Chris Forsberg: When a reporter asked Thomas what Cleveland did to keep him in check, a