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Coronavirus: 250 Indians Stuck in Japan After being Evacuated From COVID-19-Hit Cruiser, Diamond Princess

We all are aware of the tough times these days due to COVID-19, from China, Italy, and Japan to India every country is facing problems and also citizens are stuck in the countries like Japan. Even in these countries, there are few people who can understand their language and it’s becoming quite difficult for them to survive for a long time. This is the reason, we are covering the issue
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Lifestyle: How To Avoid Turning Your Wedding Into A Disaster!

A perfect wedding party or ceremony is one where everything is arranged perfectly. However, at times it gets difficult to ascertain as to what should exactly be the right type of decoration, music or catering menu which often affects the overall arrangements and wedding party. Here are 7 mistakes that you should avoid at all costs on your wedding to arrange an ideal ceremony and celebrations. Avoid DIY - Among