A perfect wedding party or ceremony is one where everything is arranged perfectly. However, at times it gets difficult to ascertain as to what should exactly be the right type of decoration, music or catering menu which often affects the overall arrangements and wedding party.

Here are 7 mistakes that you should avoid at all costs on your wedding to arrange an ideal ceremony and celebrations.

Avoid DIY – Among one of the most important things that you need to avoid to make your wedding party and other ceremonies work is going DIY. So whether it is decoration or arranging music, it is most important to take help of experts. You may want to extend your hand at things that you may think can be managed without the help of experts but this approach can backfire and you can end up getting your marriage spoiled.

So, whether it is about decoration or something related to catering it is in your best interest to take the help of experts who come with years of experience in handling all such tasks. Additionally, you can hire the services of wedding decorators in Jaipur to decorate the venue of your wedding in the most enchanting and beautiful manner. Going DIY should be avoided at all costs and rather you can hire a wedding planner if your budget permits to arrange the wedding functions in sophisticated and professional manner.

Not Hiring a Perfect Photographer – Wedding is the most special event in one’s life and during the wedding ceremony and in between various functions, each and every moment is more than special. So it gets important that each and every moment during the engagement and wedding party is captured in full detail and in the most ideal manner.

However majority of people think otherwise and hire a photographer agency for shooting their wedding at low cost thereby compromising on the quality of the photos. Not hiring the services of a reliable photographer would mean that photos would lack quality and there would be much to cherish after certain period of time.

On the other hand when you choose to hire expert photographer, your marriage event would be covered by them in a detailed manner. The best thing about expert photographers is that make ordinary moments look great and special moments memorable. Experienced photographers pay eye to detail and like to engage with the guests to get clicks that are candid and truly special.

So, if you are thinking of compromising on the selection of a photographer, it is important that you weigh in your options and go for professionals that are experienced as they can make your wedding pictures look absolutely great.

Extra Activities – Most people in order to make their wedding party more happening arrange more than usual activities. Providing alternative activities for guests such as photo booths, lawn games, written games and DJ band it should not go over board. However, at times people tend to go overboard and arrange to many activities that not only divide the guests rather end up creating an atmosphere where guests fail to enjoy.

So, while at the time of doing wedding planning, it is recommended that you arrange fewer activities and motivate participation of guest in order to up the entertainment. The lesser the number of activities such as dance and music, the more entertainment will be there as guests would show their attention and would like to enjoy themselves as well.

Pretentious Decoration – Decoration is one of the most important aspects which make the wedding venue look absolutely beautiful and extraordinary. So when it comes to decoration you should avoid going pretentious rather it is a perfect idea to hire the service of flower decorators in jaipur to decorate the venue in sophisticated manner. Decoration should be in sync with theme of the marriage and should reflect a positive feel in plenty.

Improper Dressing – It is important to realize that wedding and all the functions and ceremonies that accompany it are special and once in a lifetime event. So it is important that you dress for the occasion during your wedding week. Any type of improper dressing during any function or ceremony may leave a bad impression and you may even not look good in your wedding photographs. So wearing clothes that are too casual or inappropriate is not cool and should be avoided by you at all cost.

Extra Makeup – While as a bride you may want to look your best on your special day, going all over with your makeup is something that you should avoid completely. To make sure that you look your best you can hire the service of a recognized makeup artist and can get your makeup done with their help. The idea is to opt for a look that compliment your wedding dress and which may make you look absolutely beautiful while enabling you to look natural at the same time.

Alcohol – Alcohol is something that is consumed to celebrate happiness however at times guests consumes alcohol to extent where it gets difficult to manage them. So in order to make sure that your marriage party goes smoothly and in best spirits, you should set a limit on consumption on alcohol. For this purpose, you can order your catering service to serve alcohol up to a specific limit and refuse extra serving at all costs.

Hope, the above mentioned activities will help you in making your wedding better and free from mistakes.

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