We all are aware of the tough times these days due to COVID-19, from China, Italy, and Japan to India every country is facing problems and also citizens are stuck in the countries like Japan. Even in these countries, there are few people who can understand their language and it’s becoming quite difficult for them to survive for a long time.

This is the reason, we are covering the issue of people that are stuck in Japan due to COVID-19.

When it comes to the people who are stuck in Japan, we need to bring to the notice that about 250 Indian students, working professionals, businessman and their families are stuck in Japan and not able to return to India as Indian government of India declared “Janta Curfew” and after that strict lockdown situation for 21 days and that can be extended too. As a result of these restrictions on international flights.

All people are in many difficulties and need a helping hand from the government, so they can come to their motherland and feel safe. We want to bring this serious matter in front of the government authorities and need a helping hand. All those people who are stuck in Japan facing financial issues and also want to return to India back as soon as possible.

Who are Stuck in Japan?

Indian students who are studying in Japan, people who go to Japan just because of foreign trade, the young generation that went for job opportunities. All those people that stuck in Japan due to flight cancellations are not able to come to India and living away from their families. Most of the people finished their savings and not having enough money for essential expenses.

The biggest problem they are facing, there are very few people who can understand their language and they are unable to share problems and take help from the citizens of Japan.

Risk of Spreading COVID-19 is Much Higher

The risk is much higher in Japan of spreading COVID-19, most of the Indian’s are feeling helpless here and even not able to communicate with the Japanese people, as they aren’t able to understand English or Hindi. The conditions of Indians are becoming worst here, the health insurance of most of the people got expired, and they don’t have enough money and even not able to visit hospitals as they know only know English or hindi . These people seriously need the help of higher authorities that can bring back to India as soon as possible. All these people are requesting from rescue flight from Japan to India.

Every Indian is ready to follow the rules that are made by the government to fight against the coronavirus. They are ready to isolate themselves in their homes to keep their families and society free from the fear of spreading of COVID-19.

As per the source, there are nearly 6,748 people confirmed from COVID-19 (Coronavirus). This is really difficult for all Indians to survive in Japan, as conditions are becoming worst day by day.

As situations are worst here government declared emergency, but everything is going on as usual. They all are in fear of spreading COVID-19, from public transports, restaurants to markets and offices are working as usual. The chances of spreading Coronavirus is much higher and conditions may become tough.

We request the Government of India to bring us back to India. Mr Kamal Vijayvergia, a businessman from India also stuck in Japan given the information about everything that they are facing in Japan. He had visited the Tokyo for a business trip on 15th March 2020 for three days and got stuck in Japan due to cancellation of all the flights.

While giving the information related to his problem to the inscriber mag, MR vijayvergia told the Inscriber mag that here situations are becoming much tough day by day. We all really need to return to India back to save our life. Not only Mr vijayvergia but also he has seen there are many Indian who are going from the same situation.

Also, his family and his wife Shweta is worried about him and made an appeal to honorable Prime Minister of India Mr Narendra Modi to rescue her husband and other Indians who are stuck in Japan. Now, she is waiting for the response from Prime Minister, just like they saved other people, Shweta along with her children waiting for kamal in Jaipur.

This is the request of her wife and children to rescue Kamal and other Indians and bring back to India as soon as possible.

As per the resources, these Indians are trying hard to raise their voice, but not getting the fruitful results. From meeting the Indian Embassy officials in Tokyo to posting on the social media channels like Facebook and Twitter addressing Indian government officials, including honorable PM Narendra Modi, they have tried almost everything but still, they are looking for the help from the officials.

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