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Beauty: All-Natural Remedies For Damaged Hair

45% of American women seek out hair care made with natural ingredients, and it’s easy to see why. Organic and natural ingredients are healthy, work like a dream, and ensure you know exactly what you’re putting into your hair, leaving you more in control of your hair health than ever. From fruits and vegetables like avocados to animal by-products like honey, natural ingredients can be a cheap alternative to salon
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Beauty: Introducing Acids Into Your Skincare Routine

Just hearing the word ‘acid’ may lead your mind to conjure up images from a horror movie, yet it all depends on the product you’re talking about. These days, a bevy of acids – everything from citric right through glycolic acid – are the star players in skincare products that everyone wants to own. Acids can help skin rejuvenate, regenerate, hydrate, and exfoliate. These are just a handful of useful
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Beauty: Beautiful And Bouncy Curls The Natural Way!

If you have a beautiful head of curly hair but you are tired of slathering on expensive products that promise results but don’t deliver, don’t fret; Mother Nature has the answers you have been looking for. Let’s start by busting a few beauty myths. First of all, curly hair doesn’t actually tangle up more than straight hair. A study on curly vs straight hair published in the American Journal of
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Shawarma Chicken: Upgrading Your Barbecue And Grill With Influence From The East!

Barbecuing is an American tradition. Mixing ideas from Germany, The Middle East, The Caribbean and the Mediterranean the American barbecue is something truly unique. In the United States, the barbecue is a work of art that blends all these influences and produces unique flavors and styles across the country. Whilst some parts of the world are content with throwing meat on a grill and burning it, Americans are passionate about
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Fitness Focus! Treadmill Terrors – Injury At The Gym

It has been revealed in a recent survey that the piece of equipment that causes the most accidents in the gym is the treadmill. Using the treadmill generally makes up 35% of a workout, as goals of running longer distances are the most common. We go to the gym to lose weight and stay healthy, definitely not to end up with strained muscles. So how do we avoid getting injured
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4Ps Marketing Mix: A Strategy to Secure Customer Satisfaction

Did you know, it costs about 4 to 10 times more to attain a new customer than it does to retain a new customer?  Not to mention, customers regularly spend more per visit and are more likely to sign-up for upgraded services. If you're looking to earn true customer loyalty; the kind that translates into recommendations, referrals, and profits, you need to understand the power of the 4P's of marketing.