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Beauty: All-Natural Remedies For Damaged Hair

45% of American women seek out hair care made with natural ingredients, and it’s easy to see why. Organic and natural ingredients are healthy, work like a dream, and ensure you know exactly what you’re putting into your hair, leaving you more in control of your hair health than ever.

From fruits and vegetables like avocados to animal by-products like honey, natural ingredients can be a cheap alternative to salon brand hair care. For damaged hair, natural ingredients can be especially beneficial, because so many of them are moisturizing and rehabilitating – so if you’re dealing with dryness, breakage, or any of the problems associated with damaged hair, here are a few quick and natural fixes that are an easy addition to your hair care routine.

Get Rid Of Drying Ingredients

A variety of commercial hair care products, from shampoo to hairspray to any kind of styling product, contain alcohol or other drying agents. In caring for damaged hair, your first step should be to remove anything drying from your care and styling routine, because drying can exacerbate damage and cause breakages.

The repair process can only start when you let your hair rest from any harsh treatments – especially hairspray and styling gels – which means that taking a look at the ingredients of your hair products is a good start. The alcohol in your products will likely be listed as methanol or isopropyl, so push those to the back of your closet.

Giving your hair a break from harsh treatments lets it begin to regenerate – which means you can help it along with moisturizing natural ingredients.

Natural Treatments For Damaged Hair

The great thing about natural treatments is that you can get them almost anywhere, from the produce section of your grocery store to salon-brand products. From making your own treatment to buying one, there are a few key ingredients to look for that can revitalize your hair right away. With damaged hair, you’re always going to want to look for moisturizing or softening ingredients: avocado and eggs are two great natural revitalising agents.

If your hair is breaking or flaky, you might want to consider an all-natural pre-wash treatment – a mixture you finger-comb into dry hair before showering – once a week, for an intensive moisture boost. Some of the best you can find or make use eggs as a primary ingredient, because they help hair resist damage due to the vitamins biotin and folate contained in them.

If you’re nervous about intensive moisture, or all-natural products, don’t be: using natural ingredients means you’re encouraging your hair and scalp to start making its own oils again, kickstarting its recovery.

Summer Sun And How To Protect Against Further Damage

If your hair is already damaged, you’re probably aware of how bad direct heat and bleach are for your hair. Unfortunately, exposure to the sun’s rays can exacerbate the damage to your hair by drying it further, making it more prone to breakage – and the sun can also lighten your hair further.

In the summer heat, protecting your hair from the worst the sun can do is a must. Unfortunately, there’s no sunscreen for your hair, but you can still mitigate the sun’s effects.

Wearing a hat and staying out of the sun are the two best ways to do that – but sometimes you have things to do and a hat won’t fit with your style. Using a thicker, more nourishing conditioner in the summer months can help you out, and you can even consider trying out a hair mask once a week. The most important thing is to keep your skin and hair protected from the heat, so be prepared with your favorite natural products!

Your hair is an important part of your look and your lifestyle – so make sure you treat it that way. Over-bleaching, sun-bleaching, washing without conditioning, and overuse of styling products are just a few of the ways your hair can get damaged just from being part of your lifestyle.

To bring it back, you need to start with giving it a break from harmful or drying products like alcohol and look for a replacement that can double as a moisturizer. To help your hair regain its natural resilience, natural ingredients are the best place to start, and because they’re so popular, there are hundreds on the market. Just remember, the best thing you can do for your hair is give it a rest.

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