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Entrepreneurship: How to Become a Charismatic Leader on Your Startup

Becoming a charismatic startup leader takes more than professional preparation and experience. It’s about who you are beneath the surface, inspiring people to stand with you and do great things. Charisma is all about giving people the energy they need to get through tough times, and start-ups are known for having rocky moments. How can someone become a charismatic leader as an executive in a startup and be loved and
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Living: 10 Things Successful People Do Before They Fall Asleep

Everyone has their morning and evening rituals – it makes their day that much more productive and meaningful. Every person has their own quirks and small things that make up their evening rituals and prepare them for the day that comes tomorrow – especially people who are successful at their jobs. While some think that they have special secrets or even superpowers that get them through a hectic day, the