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Driverless Cars: The Future Of Transportation

Driverless cars, which are also known as self-driving or autonomous vehicles, are the future of transportation. Various car brands from all over the world have already expressed great interest in them, mainly because of the transformation that they can bring into the transport industry. These machines depend on sensors to favorably interact with the environment around them. They can be exciting, but terrifying at the same time. Let's start with

Parenting: Improve the Health of Your Child by These Simple Activities

The impact of technology on social interactions is profound. It’s true that our lives have changed with digitalization and connectivity on so many levels. Most of the activities have been simplified saving our valuable time and lot’s of things don’t require much effort but are rather accomplished with a simple touch. But with great devices comes great addiction. We are so used to doing everything with our smartphones, and carrying

College or Trade School- What Should I Choose?

“What do you want to be when you grow up?” For someone in kindergarten, this is an exciting question. They perceive it as an opportunity to get as creative as possible. You can expect any response from this bunch including superhero, ninja, and princess. For those in high school, it is motivating because it merges one’s interests and talents into a goal they can pursue in school and after they
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Tech: How Important Is UX For App Development

UX is everything Having a visually appealing app is eye-catching and important, but that means nothing if it isn’t complemented with a very good user experience. The point of creating an app is for it to have long-term usability, which means satisfying customer needs even if new customer requests come every day and your app continuously changes shape from new updates. So far, app development and design have mostly been