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Dating: 4 Myths about Long Distance Relationships Busted

The topic of long-distance relationships is shrouded in a lot of negativity for years. Maybe the most common perception that long distance relationships don’t work is the reason behind all this negativity. It is true to a great extent. However, making a long distance relationship work in the hyper-connected world is far easier compared to the era when two people miles apart could communicate only via mail or telephone. The

Relationship without Sex: What You Can Do to Rekindle the Spark?

Do you feel that something is taking a toll on you and your partner? Has the amount of physical intimacy reduced between you two? These are the telltale signs of a relationship fizzling out. If you too have been noticing that your relationship with your partner is on the decline, especially on a physical level, then it is time to reflect what could have gone wrong or what is going