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9 Long-Distance Relationship Activities Which Will Bring Excitement To Your Relationship

Being in a long distance relationship may sometimes feel annoying. And, why not? You are far away from your love. Thanks to the technology, the distance does not seem harder. To spice up your love life, you can plan some fun long distance relationship activities which will help to strengthen your relationship. And, that’s the goal! No matter how far you stay, taking out time from your busy schedule will
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Dating: 4 Myths about Long Distance Relationships Busted

The topic of long-distance relationships is shrouded in a lot of negativity for years. Maybe the most common perception that long distance relationships don’t work is the reason behind all this negativity. It is true to a great extent. However, making a long distance relationship work in the hyper-connected world is far easier compared to the era when two people miles apart could communicate only via mail or telephone. The
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The Perfect Gift! A Crucial Tool of Maintaining a Long Distance Relationship

Things are not always same for us. We grow up with parents, siblings, relatives, friends and loved ones but for the sake of education or jobs, we often go to different countries, very distant from each other and every relationship becomes long distance for us. If you are also going through long distance relationship and wondering what you can get for your partner, you should definitely realize the value of