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Understanding Bitcoin: A Basic Guide for Beginners

Bitcoin is one of those things absolutely everyone has heard of but hardly anyone understands. Like stocks and shares, the human psyche, and tin openers, we have a surface knowledge of how it’s meant to function and what it’s supposed to do, but it doesn’t go much deeper. The thing is, it can be hard to ask for an explanation. When it comes up as a topic of conversation, we
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Movies: Sherlock Holmes 3 Slated for 2020 Release!

Fans who have been eagerly awaiting the third instalment of Guy Ritchie’s Sherlock Holmes series have a bit longer to wait, with Robert Downey Jr expected to be reprising his role in a release that arrives at the end of 2020. Jude Law is also back on board as the long-suffering Dr. Watson, although Ritchie’s inclusion as director this time around is uncertain. A long time has elapsed since A
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eSports: The Trend that Revolutionized the Gaming Industry

At the start of the century, gaming was still considered a mostly niche market with a more or less specific target demographic. Yet, video games have now expanded their appeal to convert players across countries, ages, and tech skills. This increased reach has resulted in a shift in the dynamics of the gaming industry: As more and more people like to play games and watch others show off their skills,