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Why Golf Is Not Just an Old People’s Sport

Modern media, video games, and TV have all bombarded us with the image of two geezers carrying clubs and dragging themselves across a golf field. Not to insult the elderly but seniors are not typical golf players, although they too enjoy this sport. Yes, golf is a proper sport and not a hobby or a pastime as many think. It is a perfect combination of physical strength, precision, and tactical

Millennials and Fetishes: Are Some Kinks Finally Put to Bed?

Fetishes are nothing new because they have been part of human culture for ages. Only recently this word became narrower in meaning relating mostly to sexual desire. In this modern sense, a fetish is something that a human being craves for in terms of his sexuality that is considered out of the ordinary. Of course, this is a societal phenomenon and different societies have different notions of what constitutes a