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Millennials and Fetishes: Are Some Kinks Finally Put to Bed?

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Fetishes are nothing new because they have been part of human culture for ages. Only recently this word became narrower in meaning relating mostly to sexual desire. In this modern sense, a fetish is something that a human being craves for in terms of his sexuality that is considered out of the ordinary. Of course, this is a societal phenomenon and different societies have different notions of what constitutes a fetish. In Western cultures, there are numerous fetishes to which not even the new generations are immune. In fact, millennials live in an era where they can use technology to realize their wildest sexual fantasies. They are free to explore their sexuality on a global scale never seen before. The adult films industry has also become globalized and more and more local fetishes are now making their way into the mainstream. So which fetishes are millennials preoccupied with?

The Peeping Tom revisited


Voyeurism is perhaps the oldest fetish in the book. Watching sexual intercourse or naked bodies is at the very essence of possessing the capacity of kinkiness. During past centuries there were peeping tom joints where customers observed through holes naked women or couples having sex. Nowadays this business is mostly run online using live webcams. The principle has remained the same and the millennials have embraces it. For most of them, touching themselves while watching others has become the standard of being kinky to the point that it is considered normal behavior. Who knows, when they grow up and run the society maybe voyeurism will become the new norm.


Make-up sex

Although relationships ask for stability and understanding, felling the sexual rush can sometimes take precedence, as there are more and more couples who induce make-up sex just for the sake of it. They fake an argument and then just jump at each other taking their clothes off. The fiercer the row, the rougher and better the sex. In its essence, make-up sex is actually good and desirable because it restores the broken feelings and understanding between partners. Millennials admit that this is wrong but they still artificially fight to increase the sexual desire and the rush they get.

Live webcams

We already mentioned that webcams are the new voyeurism but there is more to it. Just watching porn is not enough is not for many since they crave for live communication. Of course, not live in the sense tete-a-tete but online, which is something that millennials are used to. They have Skype and other platforms for online chatting and it is perfectly normal and expected that they realize fetishes through live chatting. There are different live webcams that offer all kinds of fetishes and for some extra cash, they have the possibility to order custom-tailored fetishes from their favorite models. And let’s face it, every millennial has his favorite adult movies actress or a cam girl.

Big boys

When it comes to the female millennial population, one of their kinkiest fetishes is having sex with big boys, popular “teddy bears.” They are attracted to them because of their size and the fact that most men don’t have such a large body. There is also an emotional aspect to this fetish as such guys are more likely to dedicate their full attention to the girl, making her have the orgasm first and giving oral sex. Girls feel special this way, which is something they couldn’t get in sex from well-built guys.

Period sex

Millennials aren’t merely living out fantasies of the previous generation in a novel way but they have fetishes of their own. What was once considered gross now is a turn-on for more and more millennials. Period sex is something that older folks would be discussed with but it attracts the attention of millennials. It is a forbidden fruit that they are willing to explore as more and more girls are even offering this to their partners. To make matter worse (or better), all that menstrual blood acts as a lubricant and it gets both partners going.

Not so hard

Another fetish for women would be to start oral sex while the man still hasn’t reach erection. They enjoy having the penis erect while in their mouth. Then they work it and get their hands busy but that initial rush is what attracts them to have oral sex.

Golden shower

Yes, this fetish is still alive and well but the millennials are changing the location. They took the word “shower” literally so they took transferred on each other in the bathroom. This way, they can wash off easily without the danger of getting infected which was quite often the case in the past. This is a primal fetish as it can be compared to animals such as dogs marking their territory, so in a weird kinda way it is quite romantic. Urinating to say “I love” is the millennials’ way.

The thing that separates the millennials and their fetishes from the previous generations is the fact they are quite imaginative and do everything their own way. They are definitely not afraid to experiment.

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