Valentine’s Day is knocking on our doors, and your partner deserves to have the best day ever! It is the season of love, so why not do something special this year and make your loved one scream with joy. That being said, you need to sit down and figure out what they like, but in order to help you out a bit, we have come up with some romantic and sexy gift ideas. So, read on!

Personalized pillowcases

You already probably have your side of the bed, but why not make it official. You can easily browse the internet for some quirky His & Hers pillowcases, or you can be creative and make one yourself. However, if you don’t know how to sew, you can go with your romantic idea to the nearest tailor and they will make your fun and romantic pillowcases.

Magnetic photo rope

You and your beloved have tons of memories, and you should put them on display. One of the easiest ways to do it (that doesn’t include buying a bunch of frames and making out your photos) is to find a magnetic rope that can hold your photos with a magnet. Another idea is making this yourself, which probably has even more value to your partner. You don’t have to make the magnetic rope; rather, you can print out the photos, buy some cute little paperclips and simply hand the photos on a rope and make a cute little banner of memories for your living room.

A romantic trip

Nothing says “I love you” than a romantic trip to Paris, right? If your budget allows you, there is no reason why you shouldn’t go to Paris for Valentine’s Day. However, you probably don’t have to splurge that much for this day; a simple romantic weekend in the nearest spa, hotel or a city that you both like can do the trick. You have probably talked about going away for a while and visiting some nice places, so jog your memory and surprise your loved one with a romantic trip.

Something sexy

If you already have plenty of romance, but want to get a little wild, then think about the sexy gifts. For example, something sexy but subtle can be buying your girlfriend some sexy lingerie, which is basically a gift for both of you. For a bit kinkier couples, a nice pair of quality handcuffs can do the trick. However, if you wish to be a bit wilder, you can always browse through the most popular sex toys and see what can start the fire between the two of you. There is always something that can spice things up and make this Valentine’s Day memorable.

At-home spa

Another great idea for a bit more romance is creating your own spa at home. Get some lovely smelling massage oils, find a few romantic scented candles, spill the rose petals in your bedroom and play some relaxing music. Your loved one probably goes through a lot of stress, and a relaxing spa day will probably be a great gift. What is more, you can draw a nice bubble bath for two with rose petals, scented candles and bath fizzies from Bath & Body Works and give in to this romantic day of relaxation.

Couple’s treasure hunt

Not all Valentine’s Day gifts have to be romantic only; they can also be fun and get you moving. So, if you both love solving mysteries and running around for clues, a personalized couple’s treasure hunt is just the right answer. If you’re creative, you can write your own clues, spread them around your house and wait for your SO to come home and start searching. Also, you can make it a couples thing and have your creative friend do the work and leave you with a fun day hunting.


We all know that diamonds are a girl’s best friend and they make a perfect gift for this occasion. However, you don’t necessarily have to gift your loved one diamonds, unless you’re proposing, of course, but you can go for some cheaper options as well. There are even couple’s jewelry that you both can wear, like a heart-shaped necklace with separable pendants, for example. Also, if you both wear earrings or bracelets, why not wear matching ones. You can never go wrong with Italian jewelry, especially if you know someone well, so it’s a safe play for this year’s gift.

His & Hers watches

Besides jewelry, other accessories are a great gift as well. Many brands offer His & Hers sets of watches, so browse through the stores a little and see what matches your style. For some beautiful but cheaper options you can pick the Braun set of watches, but if you want to splurge a little then TID and Casio ones are a good choice.

Personalized key chains

If you’re already not living together, this gift can be a part of a bigger one. For example, you can make out a set of couple’s key chains with a lovely message or cute little hearts and invite your loved one to live with you this way. However, if you’re already living together, this still makes a cute present for Valentine’s Day and you’ll never lose your keys.

Start preparing soon, because Valentine’s Day is almost there. Don’t wait for the last minute, think ahead and make this day really special for both of you.

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