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Why Golf Is Not Just an Old People’s Sport

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Modern media, video games, and TV have all bombarded us with the image of two geezers carrying clubs and dragging themselves across a golf field.

Not to insult the elderly but seniors are not typical golf players, although they too enjoy this sport.

Yes, golf is a proper sport and not a hobby or a pastime as many think. It is a perfect combination of physical strength, precision, and tactical thinking, so senile people would be bad at it. That is why seniors who do play it are hale and sinewy and could defeat any younger opponent.

In fact, they have kept their good health and sharpness of mind precisely because of golf which rejuvenates them. No wonder then that people of all ages are taking it up as soon as they have enough free time in their life. So, what is the secret of golf’s longevity?

The golf course

Firstly, the background against golf is played is its biggest appeal. A golf course is always situated outdoors in the fresh air and surrounded by greenery, so even on a bad day, you can enjoy yourself. Furthermore, the size of an average course is measured in acres, which means that there is going to be some walking involved. The best thing is that you walk at your own pace. Most golfers prefer to take long strides but you can run if you like, no one’s stopping you.

One for all, all for one

If you thought that golf is a sport for loners, you couldn’t have been more wrong. In golf, you primarily play against yourself but that doesn’t mean that there isn’t interaction with other people, including your opponents. Furthermore, there are team events, such as pairs, three-balls, and four-balls that evoke team spirit and require you to coordinate with other team members. For most people, an afternoon lazy game of golf would be unimaginable without a partner to chat with. This can be your friend or even your business partner, so you could close a major deal before the ninth hole.

A lesson for life

Those who had never swung a golf club would be surprised by the level of technique necessary to hit the ball. However, golf is not only a physically demanding sport, as it requires the utmost focus and the sharpness of the mind. Like football, golf is more than just a sport. It is a phenomenon through which a lot of things are easier to understand. Essentially, you are learning valuable life lessons while golfing and with every new hole you advance mentally. Golf will teach you to be calm, precise, and strong because after practicing these skills for hours on the green, your personality starts to change off-course. The next time you see a senior citizen putting, just remember that their mindset is probably in a better state than yours.

Hungry anyone?

If it ever seemed strange for you to see tennis players eat a banana between games, so it seems even stranger that in golf you can eat pretty much anything. The rules on food and drinks are not that strict, so you can eat an apple between holes and even take a sip of schnapps from your flask. In reality, many golfers like to carry a thermos around, so they can pour themselves coffee whenever they need a fresh dose of caffeine. How cool is that!

The feeling of togetherness

One reason why some people decide to take golf is the relationship that they have with everyone on the course, from the caddy to other players. There is a certain unwritten etiquette that makes the whole experience and adds to the de-stressing effect golf has anyway. People at work my annoy you all day but then at the weekend, you look forward to chatting to your golf buddies because you know their conduct will be gentleman-like, regardless of their sex. In other words, every golf players get the respect he or she deserves and then they reciprocate this kindness.

In the end, we can freely state that golf is more than a sport; it is a way of life for many people. Not only is it a great run-out in nature but it affects the mind as well, keeping it sharp and helping you focus better in all areas of life. There are golf clubs springing up in suburbs of all major cities, so grab your gear and head to the nearest one to join. You will soon feel more relaxed and you will make friends in the process, so it’s a win-win situation for you.

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