Caltrans is California’s transportation agency responsible for building, designing, and maintaining almost 50,000 miles of roadways. It is an expressway system having its main office in Sacramento.

Its purpose is to provide safe transportation to the state’s people and prevent accidents due to poor road conditions by fixing them in time. However, road accidents are inevitable, and sometimes the blame rests on Caltrans. If an accident occurs due to dangerous road conditions, you can file a claim against Caltrans and ask for a financial compensation against your expenses. To file a successful claim against them, you can visit You need to follow the following tips to file a complaint against Caltrans:

Take Pictures of the Accident

Take the pictures of the accident site showing all of the victim’s injuries, damage to the vehicle, any other personal property, poor road conditions, and weather conditions. Also, keep a detailed record of vehicle repairing and hospital bills. Finally, consult the doctor even if injuries are minor because they will make you a medical report proving damage. Remember, evidence is critical to winning the case of a claim; therefore, collecting and recording objective evidence is crucial.

Prove Poor Road Condition

For a successful claim against Caltrans, the victim’s lawyer must prove that the accident was due to a dangerous road that needed fixing. However, due to Caltrans’s negligence, the road was not repaired in time, resulting in your accident. This is vital proof against Caltrans and shouldn’t be missed if you want to win fair compensation.

Call the Police

Immediately call the police to the accident site. The police will carry out all the necessary investigations and provide substantial evidence in your legal action against Caltrans for your damages and losses.

Consult a Lawyer

Try to collect as much evidence as possible from the site of the accident, but if due to severe injuries, you fail to gather any evidence, don’t worry at all. Instead, consult a personal injury lawyer; they will collect all evidence for you, carry out all the necessary investigation, and help maintain proper documentation for a stronger case.

Produce Witnesses

If there were witnesses on the accident site and your injuries are not severe, try to ask their names and other details. It will be beneficial to provide an eyewitness to prove that dangerous road condition was responsible for the accident, and Caltrans need to compensate for your loss.

You could take legal action against Caltrans within six months if the accident involved personal injury. Any delays and the case will be dismissed by the state. Therefore, immediately hire a personal injury lawyer after the accident for better assistance. You can file an independent case, but since it’s an organization, it is not advisable to go against them on your own. An expert attorney will help you with the legal proceedings, lead the negotiations and present a case that is likely to win a fair financial settlement for your injuries and other damages.



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