Imagine this: you are in the middle of your road trip, and everything is going as smoothly as possible. The scenery is nice despite the fact that you are in the middle of nowhere.

The people with you – either your family or friends – are chatting away about almost anything under the sun during the journey.

Maybe they’re also playing some roadside games to help pass the time, or maybe they’re taking photos of the scenery (and are making you stop beside the road to take Instagram-worthy pictures).

But the unthinkable happens and your fuel meter suddenly shows you the dreaded sign that you’ve just run out of fuel. In the middle of nowhere. You might’ve been too invested in the journey that you’ve forgotten to check the fuel gauge along the way.

Or you might’s underestimated just how much your car will burn off fuel along the way.

You might’ve also been distracted during your last gas station stopover that you forgot that you weren’t there just to take a bathroom break.

There’s only the road stretching down for miles and miles, and you’re not sure how far along the road you are to get back to civilization – or at least a gas station. And you’re also not entirely sure where you exactly are, and depleting your phone battery to try and find a solution on Google doesn’t seem to be the kind of risk you want to take when there’s also no charging station anywhere in sight.

So, what can you do during this situation? What kind of risks can you take that will help remedy your situation? What methods can you implement to make sure that you and your vehicle will still be able to make it through unscathed?

Don’t be caught unawares when this happens! Check out these tips from to know what you should remember when you run out of fuel while you’re on the road and with very little options available to you:

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