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Avengers: Infinity War – 5 Character Interactions Fans Hope to See


January 28, 2017

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We are still over a year away before Avengers: Infinity War hits theaters (May 4th, 2018), but with a film of its magnitude, it is always worth talking about, especially now that filming is under way. It will be the third of four announced Avengers’ films, which will kick off the big Thanos storyline that the entire MCU has been building towards. For those of you who may be new to the MCU, let me give you a quick overview.

The MCU kicked off with Iron Man back in 2008, with Robert Downey Jr. stepping into the role of Tony Stark. At the end of that film, Nick Fury, played by Samuel L. Jackson, shows up and teases the Avengers Initiative. From that point on, several other characters got their own solo films, including Thor and Captain America. The core team would then be assembled for 2012’s The Avengers to conclude phase one.

Phase two would see several new characters introduced into the universe, including the entire Guardians of the Galaxy crew as well as Ant-Man. Phase three is currently two films deep, with 2016’s Captain America: Civil War and Doctor Strange. Those two films alone introduced a handful of new characters into the mix, including Black Panther, Spider-Man and Doctor Stephen Strange to name a few of the bigger ones.

But that is just the beginning of phase three, which will see three films hit this year alone. Then the calendar will flip to 2018, which is when everyone is going to come together for the film we are here to talk about: Avengers: Infinity War! Now this film will not be the epic finale, as its sequel, a currently unnamed Avengers film set for May 3, 2019, will be the big conclusion of phase three, Infinity War still promises to be epic. This will be the first time almost every character we have seen over the course of the 18 films will be coming together for one movie.


So with all of these characters appearing in the same film, there is sure to be a few people crossing paths with others they have not yet met. So without any further ado, here are five interactions that fans will surely be looking forward to in the next installment in the Avengers franchise.

Doctor Strange and Iron Man

Ever since Benedict Cumberbatch was announced for the role of Doctor Strange, fans have been clamoring for these two to meet on screen. And for several reasons. For starters, both men are on the arrogant side, always thinking they are right. With two strong personalities, it sets the scene for some pretty funny moments as both men will be positioning for control in their conversations. I can guarantee their first meeting will go down as one of the funniest moments in the entire MCU.

Secondly, both actors have portrayed the character of Sherlock Holmes. Oh, how the potential for one-liners is great. There are so many ways to work in a Sherlock Easter Egg within the film with these two, with my personal favorite being Tony saying “No sh*t Sherlock” after Strange says something that Stark feels is obvious. But for an added bonus, Martin Freeman, who plays Watson to Cumberbatch’s Holmes as well as Everett Ross in the MCU, is in the scene as well.

Hulk and Groot

Both the Avengers and the Guardians have a power-house on their side. Given the two teams have yet to cross paths yet, seeing these two behemoths meet for the first time is going to be epic. Vin Diesel, who voices Groot, is promising a pretty awesome clash between the two giants and it has fans buzzing. In the next installment of the Guardians franchise, Groot will be appearing as Baby Groot (who looks awesome by the way), but he will surely be back to full size for when he goes head-to-head with the big green guy.

Thor and Drax

If Hulk and Groot are considered the muscle of their respective teams, then Thor and Drax would be considered the second in charge, but also have a funny side. Thor, being from a different realm, often speaks in a medieval type of tongue. Drax on the other hand, does not understand a metaphor. So when these two meet, the conversations are set to be priceless.

Just think of what types of responses Drax will give to the things Thor says. If you thought the dialogue between Tony and Strange was going to be gold, then these conversations will be buckets of gold and diamonds. I cannot wait to see Drax give Thor a blank stare and say something to the effect of “What language do you speak?”.

Captain America and Rocket with Star-Lord

Captain America is a man who is morally good. He does not even like the use of bad language, as seen in the opening scene of Avengers: Age of Ultron. Rocket however, is all about mischief and doing things any way he sees fit, even if it is not considered the “hero” thing to do. Star-Lord is a bit of both, but he is certainly on the childish side compared to Cap however. If you thought Cap and Tony did not get along, wait until these guys finally meet. With Steve Rogers stepping down from the Captain America title at the end of Civil War, we are not really sure how he will factor into this film. But upon his return, he will surely be there to fight the good fight. Let’s just hope Rocket tells him he will be needing his shield for some master plan (assuming Cap gets it back after leaving it behind in his battle with Tony) and Star-Lord convinces him to do a little bad for the sake of doing something good.

Black Widow and Gamora

This one is pretty simple: Two kick-ass assassins going at it. If Hulk is going to fight Groot, I would image Widow will take on Gamora. Both of them are highly skilled fighters who know how to kill. It will be fun to see which of the two comes out on top in a fight. But once the fighting is over, these two could very well get along. I could see them forming a pretty dynamic tag-team to take down some baddies during the course of the film.

So which characters do you want to see cross paths in Avengers: Infinity War? Tell us in the comments!

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