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Marvel Avengers: Infinity War D23
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Avengers: Infinity War – Takeaways From D23 Footage Descriptions

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Talk about Christmas in July for Marvel fans. This past weekend was the D23 Expo, while this coming weekend will be Comic-Con International. That means plenty of new footage and tidbits from the upcoming MCU films, including Thor: Ragnarok, Black Panther and of course Avengers: Infinity War.

While fans were expecting a trailer from either Thor’s next adventure or from the first solo effort for Black Panther, Kevin Feige and Marvel decided to go a different route at D23. The result was seeing a good amount of Infinity War’s massive cast taking the stage, followed by some footage from the third Avengers film!

Oh how I wish I could have been a fly on the wall in that room! The footage itself has not found its way online, and likely won’t. There have been a few pictures of screenshots, but very blurry ones. However, there have been multiple descriptions on the footage shown.

As a huge Marvel fan, you can bet I have read as many of those descriptions as possible. You can find the link to three of them here, here and here. Now, let’s talk about a few of the more interesting tidbits, shall we?

Thor and Hulk won’t be together at the end of Ragnarok?

So we have not gotten the chance to see the third Thor film yet. But we do know we will once again see Thor and Hulk side by side (assuming they work out their differences in their battle). However, given the trailer opens with Thor floating in space, it sounds like he will not be with the big green guy at the end of the film.

Does this also help us forecast how that film ends? Will Hela banish the God of Thunder out of Asgard for good? If he is floating around conscience in space, that does not seem to bode well for those hoping for a happy ending during Ragnarok.

Thor will provide the link between the Avengers and the Guardians

Fans have been asking this question for years now – how will the Avengers and Guardians finally come together? Well, as many have predicted in recent years, Thor will become the link. After the Milano crashing into his body, he is brought aboard. This is likely where he will tell them all about the trouble that lies ahead, or vica versa. Expect a call to Tony and the Avengers to follow shortly after.

Loki will be in possession of the Tesseract at the end of Ragnarok most likely

Oh Loki, why must you remain on the dark side? In the trailer, it is said the God of Mischief is seen handing the Tesseract, better known as the Space Stone, to someone (likely Thanos or a member of the Black Order). But for him to do so, he must be in possession of it come the end of Ragnarok, correct?

As of right now, the Stone is housed in Asgard. Loki happens to be sitting on the throne at the moment, so that is not a total surprise. But it does beg the question, does that mean Asgard survives the wrath of Hela? And does Loki find himself on the thrown still after all of her havoc?

Peter Parker is going to have a pretty big role + Spidey Sense + Iron Spider

Given Spider-Man is a shared character between Sony and Marvel, some did not think he would play a huge role in this film. He is a clumsy high school kid who just turned down a role in the Avengers after all. However, he seems to be one character heavily featured in the footage shown.

Some of his highlights seem to include the confirmation that he has his Spidey Sense and he will be debuting the Iron Spider suit that Tony offered him at the conclusion of Spider-Man: Homecoming.

Bucky teaming with Black Panther

The last we saw Bucky in the credit scene of Captain America: Civil War, he was being put on ice in Wakanda. Given he is a wanted man, this came as no surprise. Word is that he will not be woken up during T’Challa’s solo effort in February of 2018. As a result, he would still be in Wakanda come the start of Avengers: Infinity War.

So it comes as no surprise to hear him fighting side by side with Black Panther.

Hulk Buster is making a comeback

This one caught me by surprise. My first question is, does Hulk go rogue, possibly from mind games, like he did in Avengers: Age of Ultron? Ebony Maw is good at playing mind games after all. Or maybe the armor is brought out to help defeat someone like Black Dwarf? Only time will tell on this one.

Cap and Black Widow are still in hiding

As of right now within the MCU, several former Avengers are technically criminals. After Cap busted them out of the Raft, they have been on the run. Then there is also Black Widow, who turned on Iron Man and his team during the big airport scene in Civil War.

Well, two key characters are reportedly sporting new looks, as they are likely still in hiding. Apparently, Captain America, who likely is not going to be going by that name anymore, is sporting a nice thick beard. Meanwhile, Black Widow has traded in her sexy red hair for some blonde locks.

Thanos is going to be epic

It sounds like he laid some serious hurt on multiple Avengers in this footage. That includes Iron Man. Star-Lord. Thor. Doctor Strange. And that’s just the start of it. Oh, and apparently he throws a freakin moon! HE THROWS A MOON! You can’t get more epic and badass than that.

So I am feeling pretty good that the big purple guy won’t disappoint.

The Reality Stone is likely still housed in the Collector’s Lair 

Some descriptions describe Gamore standing in ruins, on the verge of tears. Other descriptions claim these ruins are actually within the Collector’s Lair. Given the last time we saw the Aether, that’s where it was, that would certainly make some sense. Could that be where the Guardians are going when Thor crashes into their windshield? They seemed to be preparing for some form of danger, so maybe they got word a member of the Black Order was headed after the Reality Stone?

Vision in a cage?

This one confused me. Apparently, Vision appeared to be in some form of cage. But this is a guy who can phase through walls because he isn’t found of doors. So maybe his powers are being nullified somehow? This is one I feel like I need to see to get a better read on.

So there you have it. While I have not seen the footage myself, these are certainly some of the more interesting pieces of information I have pulled from all of the descriptions I have been able to read online. And I must say, they all sound freaking awesome!

What do you think of the descriptions? Don’t they sound as epic as you’d hope? Tell us in the comments!

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