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Riverdale: If Lucy Hale Joins Cast, It Spells Doom For Archie and Veronica

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The second season of Riverdale won’t be coming to televisions until Wednesday, October 8th. But that is not stopping fans from grabbing any piece of information they can as filming is underway. It just so happens that now an Instagram post is the source of some buzz. That buzz is that actress Lucy Hale of Pretty Little Liars fame, could be joining the cast.

Now, we are not here to decide if this rumor is true or not. Instead, we are here to discuss what it means if Hale does in fact find herself in Pop’s.

For starters, Hale would likely find herself right in the middle of things, given her star power. She would certainly be a good bet to join the likes of Betty, Veronica, and Cheryl on the River Vixens squad at school. Given Betty and Veronica would be seen as the quote, unquote “good girls”, and Cheryl would fall under the “bad girl” mantra, my gut tells me Hale would find herself on the dark side.

The next question would become, who would she get involved with? Almost everyone on Riverdale finds themselves in a relationship of sorts, as this is a high school based show after all. So she would certainly catch the eye of one of Riverdale’s key characters.

The show has two primary male characters. That would be Archie and Jughead. At the conclusion of season one, both men found themselves in a relationship with one of the shows primary River Vixens. Jughead was with Betty while Archie was with Veronica.

Now, Jug and Betty are already destined for some rough waters ahead. Given Jughead’s new affiliation with the Southside Serpents, Juggy is going to have to choose. But even if he were to break things off with the youngest Cooper, he is not likely to jump right into something new. He is not exactly the romantic type, plus he would have his father and the Serpents to keep his time occupied.

That brings us to Archie. There is some serious tension between the two families, with Veronica’s dad, Hiram, who will finally be showing his face, essentially screwed over Archie’s dad. Fred Andrews was then shot to end the season, so you can certainly expect the Lodge family to be prime suspects.

So first there is that family tension. Next, let’s factor in Archie’s “ladies man” persona. He is a football player and a musician. As a result, he is certainly catching the eye of many females. And he isn’t exactly afraid of keeping more than one girl happy. In season one alone, he spent some time with Ms. Grundy, Valerie, Cheryl and Veronica, in addition to the clear interest between himself and lifelong friend Betty.

That brings us to the introduction of Hale, if she were to join the cast. Do you really think an attractive girl like Lucy Hale wouldn’t be interested in someone like Archie? If she is indeed a “bad girl”, she certainly wouldn’t mind stirring the pot either.

So with Archie and Veronica’s relationship already on thin ice given the family tension, a Lucy Hale casting could be the final nail in the coffin.

What do you think? Do you think if Hale is cast on Riverdale, Archie and Veronica are as good as done? Would you want to see Hale and Archie together? Tell us what you think in the comments!

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