Introducing The Manifesting Medium Victoria Mann, a Chopra Center Certified Perfect Health Instructor who channels soul plans and identifies areas holding individuals back from their optimum level of happiness. She practices ‘clearing energy blocks’ through Ayurvedic Alchemy™ , helping individuals resolve internal issues, avoid burnout, get clear on their purpose and make better choices to manifest what they truly want. Victoria holds sacred space for healing and transformation using an infusion of channeled music, pranayama breathwork, ancient ayurvedic methods of healing, kundalini, primordial sound meditation, integrative energy therapy, reiki, and quantum science connecting with Higher Consciousness to alchemize stagnant energy (old stories/fear) from energetic and subtle bodies preventing this ama (emotional toxicity) from manifesting in the physical body.

After going through her own personal spiritual awakening, Victoria found her calling was to help people free themselves from anxiety and manifest their best life path out of the infinite possibilities available. She created to help transform the world through the energetic vibration of love. Having previously struggled with depression and living off anxiety medication and drinking, she received a miracle on New Years Eve of 2013, with memories or “downloads” of creating her soul plan. Victoria guides others to heal and grow from life trauma and limiting beliefs acquired through previous choices, learning self love, compassion and forgiveness to create positive ripple effects in this world.

Victoria says, ”People going through spiritual awakenings suffer from doubt, are looking for answers, and a long term lifestyle change. The world is more in need than ever for a spiritual solution. The hard things are soul lessons we choose to grow from. How and if we do is the choice. When we realize our thoughts and emotions have a vibration and create our reality, it’s easy to stop and flip the script on low vibes. I have the tools people need to help clear their limiting beliefs and align with their best life path. Choose to believe unseen forces are working everything out for you even better than expected.

Victoria helps people paint new internal dialogs to help their outerworlds reflect this new inner love and excitement for life. During 1:1 and group sessions, loved ones who have crossed over come through to help the client move forward. This includes lessons and themes souls chose to overcome. She also sees the frequency of where the client is at, clears it through Ayurvedic Alchemy™, and provides clients with a Spiritual Prescription, channeled guidance, and next best action steps to move forward on their own as well as a recording of their session.

Victoria holds Ayurvedic Manifesting Retreats in Maui and her upcoming free online retreat (DEC) and in-person intimate dinner parties allow clients to tap into their inner healer and attain higher levels of health and happiness. Mann’s free Manifesting + Meditation Made Easy Mini Series and and Manifesting Soul Bootcamp Accelerator Program, 21 Days of Living Better, and the Everything Is Energy monthly meditation bank focus on helping take power back over thoughts and emotions and make better aligned action choices through remembering to be grateful and feel good through the presence of self-love and selfcare vedic methods.

Instagram: @themanifestingmedium_

More about Victoria Mann:

Victoria Kathleen Mann is a Deepak Chopra Center Certified Perfect Health Instructor (Ayurvedic Lifestyle + Quantum Science) and is trained through Gabby Bernstein. As The Manifesting Medium, Victoria is a clear channel to Divine and holds space for clients to heal, transform, and align with their truth to manifest their happiest and healthiest life. Having studied metaphysics professionally for the last four years, Victoria has a deep understanding of how energy works in relation to reaching higher levels of health and happiness. Victoria is also a certified Reiki + Integrative Energy Therapy Practitioner. Victoria created Ayurvedic Alchemy™ the healing/coaching process guided to use for each person’s specific needs, focusing on attaining emotional freedom, a manifesting mindset, and a high vibrational lifestyle through proven methods of Quantum and Vedic Science. Victoria channels soul purpose path + lesson themes from the Akashic Records to help others manifest their best possible life path. Victoria’s mission is to help others discover their inner peace + reach their own personal Next Level of Happiness and to shift the vibration of the world through love.

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