In his first ever NFL start at QB vs. the Detroit Lions in a Browns 35-17 win, top overall pick Baker Mayfield channeled a younger Brett Favre.

Call this a hot take, reaching or clickbait, but Mayfield displayed some flashes of the three-time NFL MVP, Hall of Fame gunslinger who led Green Bay to a Super XXXI win. While it is just based on the pre-season and going mainly against second and third stringers, the former Heisman Trophy winner from Oklahoma is looking like the real deal.

Stats notwithstanding, Mayfield displayed uncanny skills in finding the right man, making quick decisions in passing, an above-average pocket presence while moving around in the pocket and quality arm strength and accuracy.

In watching his first four games in the NFL, you’d swear that you’re seeing Favre 2.0

Before the NFL draft, Mayfield made no secret that he patterned his game off of him, and even Favre validated the comparisons between the two QB’s.

Look at Mayfield’s tape from the game vs. Detroit.

While many pointed towards Mayfield’s indiscretions off the field as him being the second coming of Johnny Manziel, it is becoming clear that he should be linked more to the former Packer great instead of Johnny Goofball.

Both are similar in height, with Favre being 6’2 and 222 pounds, and Mayfield being 6’1 and 215 pounds. Both have almost the exact same release and platform when throwing the ball, and both have exceptional football IQ’s in extending plays. They both even display the same kind of fiery competitiveness and exuberance.

Look at Favre’s career highlights here.

While Mayfield is likely to not see the field this coming season–and against the Pittsburgh Steelers in Week 1 on Sunday, if he can even do a fraction of what ol’ Brett did during his illustrious career, then the Browns are going to be in great hands for years to come.

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  1. You’re not alone.. It has been enjoyable to watch him and dream of the future but, honestly, as a life long fan, I am so glad that he would possibly sit the season out like Patrick Mahommes. But, I’d be satisfied if he sits even half the season. We’ve seen too many QB’s thrown to the fire, not unlike like lasts years victimized Qb, and it’s nice to see that the owners are finally sticking to a plan. Plus, the type of competitiveness that lives inside Mayfield would be even hungrier. It may be just what he needs.
    Enjoyed the article, it’s was far outside the same ol’ cliche stories I suffer through daily..

    Go Browns

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