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Batman at Six Flags Great America
Batman the Ride - Six Flags Great America

The Original B&M Invert, Batman The Ride At Six Flags Great America Is One Intense Thrill


June 4, 2017

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Raptor at Cedar Point is one of my all-time favorite coasters. It is easily one of the best B&M inverts in the United States. While I have yet to ride Banshee at Kings Island, I have ridden another awesome invert, Batman the Ride at Six Flags Great America.

The first inverted looping coaster in the world, Batman at Six Flags Great America is a true coaster landmark.
Just because the ride is 25-years-old, does not mean it does not stand the test of time. In fact, Batman might be the better than Raptor.

I have said numerous times that I hate Six Flags concept of running out clone rides at their numerous parks. However, there is something special about riding the original B&M invert. That plays a huge role in my feelings towards the coaster. Although, that is not the only reason I have made this my favorite invert. The ride itself is quite intense.

Sitting in the back row of a B&M inverted coaster might be the most insane feeling you are ever going to feel on a coaster. I will admit I grayed out around the third inversion, so a lot of the ride still feels a bit fuzzy to me. All I know is that you definitely feel like you are going more than 50 mph on this coaster.

Since they built Batman the Ride in 1992, it might not be the smoothest coaster on the planet. I hear that if you compare it to the amazingly smooth Banshee at Kings Island, Batman is a bit of headbanger. That should not take away from your enjoyment of the ride though, as many B&M inverts can be a little rough.

One thing Batman has over other rides like Raptor or Banshee is the theming. It is quite a beautiful looking ride, especially the station that they made to look like the Batcave. The designers put an extensive amount of thought in the entrance area of the coaster as well.

Overall, I like Raptors ending helix a bit more than the finale of Batman the Ride. Otherwise, it is a standard B&M coaster layout. I am still not sure how I grayed out, but I have never had that feeling on Raptor before. It is for that reason I put Batman the Ride ahead on my B&M invert coaster rankings.

If you are a coaster enthusiast, you need to get to Six Flags Great America for Batman. Not only is it historic, it is also a damn good coaster.

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