Gwazi - Busch Gardens Tampa
Gwazi @ Busch Gardens, Tampa Bay, FL

It’s Time Gwazi At Busch Gardens Tampa Gets The RMC Makeover

Busch Gardens Tampa is one of the world's premier destinations for roller coasters. Home to Cheetah Hunt, Sheikra, Montu, and much more, it's become a staple with many enthusiasts. Yet, one coaster sits alone with visitors, Gwazi. It's been a few years since anyone has had a chance to ride Gwazi. The coaster shut down and hasn't been operating since. This begs the question of what the future of the
Valravn at Cedar Point
Valravn - Cedar Point

Does Valravn At Cedar Point Measure Up To The Competition?

Cedar Point is home to some record breaking coasters. Valravn is the latest to debut at the park. It's a top-notch thrill ride that's guaranteed to get your blood flowing. A lot of enthusiasts will say Valravn was a disappointment. I'll have to disagree with them. I thought Valravn was an excellent coaster. While not the best at Cedar Point, it still holds up well to the parks coaster roster.
x-flight wing coaster at Six Flags
X-Flight - Six Flags Great America

Is X-Flight A Better Wing Coaster Than Gatekeeper?

X-flight at Six Flags Great America is one hell of a coaster. Some call it the best ride at the park. While I wouldn't say that, it's definitely a top-notch wing coaster. With wing coasters becoming more and more popular in the United States, X-flight fits right in. Manufactured by B&M, this coaster has a lot in common with other wing coasters, especially Gatekeeper at Cedar Point. I'm a Platinum
Batman at Six Flags Great America
Batman the Ride - Six Flags Great America

The Original B&M Invert, Batman The Ride At Six Flags Great America Is One Intense Thrill

Raptor at Cedar Point is one of my all-time favorite coasters. It is easily one of the best B&M inverts in the United States. While I have yet to ride Banshee at Kings Island, I have ridden another awesome invert, Batman the Ride at Six Flags Great America. The first inverted looping coaster in the world, Batman at Six Flags Great America is a true coaster landmark. Just because the
The Joker at Six Flags Great America
The Joker - Six Flags Great America

Joker 4D Coaster A Hit At Six Flags Great America

I have never been a fan of the duplicate rides that Six Flags features at their numerous parks. However, after a trip to Six Flags Great America, I might have to change my stance on at least the Joker 4D. The coaster did not grab my attention at first. I have already stated my dislike for the copycat Six Flags attractions, but after a little convincing, I tried it. Moreover, trust
El Loco @ Circus Circus Adventuredome
El Loco - Circus Circus Adventuredome

El Loco At The Circus Circus Adventuredome Is A Must Ride Coaster

Las Vegas isn't just for gambling and nightlife. Head over to the Circus Circus Adventuredome. There you will find one of the best roller coaster hidden gems in America, El Loco. The S&S Worldwide creation, El Loco is one of my top coasters of all-time. I'm not exactly sure why I'm so in love with this coaster. It's for good reason though. The El Loco style coaster, which is where
you choose Millennium Force or Leviathan

What’s The Better Giga, Leviathan or Millennium Force?

There are five giga-coasters in the world. I've had the opportunity to ride two of them, Leviathan and Millennium Force. Of those two, which is the better coaster? Comparing two coasters to each other isn't always an easy task. Both are extremely intense rides. Millennium Force at Cedar Point opened in 2000, while Leviathan debuted in 2012. Don't get it twisted, despite the age difference Millennium Force more than holds