If you talk about breeding a dense beard, the proper beard care is an enormously important factor. Nowadays there are at all many different ways to maintain your beard properly. Just like the hair on the head, the beard hair also needs a certain amount of care and attention in order to sprout properly. Special shampoos, oils, and the best beard brush provide sufficient care and appropriate nutrients from the inside for the necessary basis for growth.

Close gaps in the beard

In order to close gaps in the beard, one should increase the testosterone level through sports, for example. To do this, however, you should first check with your doctor to see if you have a testosterone deficiency. With increasing age this level decreases. A too low level can lead to less hairiness. A healthy diet and vitamin balance also play an important role. To be on the safe side, you can use natural beard growth agents that cover all the necessary substances that you otherwise take in through controlled food intake – read more here.

Regular washing with a high quality beard shampoo is the first step

And no matter how dense your beard may be, it is still unattractive if it does not look well groomed. If you have grown a moustache in the past, you already know that food leftovers and dirt can get trapped there more quickly than you would like. It makes sense to use products that have been specially developed for beard care, i.e. products that are gentle on the facial skin. (beard soap or beard shampoo). However, it is not advisable to use them every day – experience has shown that washing them with clear water is good for the beard.

After washing, it makes sense to dab the beard a little dry with a towel. You should rather avoid rubbing your beard, just as you should with your head hair.

A high-quality beard care oil makes the beard softer

After you have washed your beard with beard shampoo or soap, not much of the important sebum remains on your skin. The use of special care oils after washing is therefore a recommended solution. If you don’t want to use beard care oils, you can rub your beard with olive oil: This is used by people for many centuries as a natural care product. However, the following applies to both products: Don’t take too much of it, otherwise it will look too greasy and won’t absorb completely.

Beard wax and beard pomade get your beard in shape

A short beard is quite easy to care for – but with increasing length it becomes more and more difficult to give the beard a beautiful shape. In order to give the beard a good-looking and long-lasting shape, many bearded men therefore use bearded wax and bearded pomade.

Surely it can come from time to time that the beard looks like clapped. If this is also the case with you, then a beard comb with widely spaced and large tines solves the problem. This helps you to loosen the beard again.


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