Fashion Industry

The fashion industry is a large and diverse industry with a multitude of career opportunities and options. From fashion styling to design, from beauty to blogging, there’s a fast-paced, rewarding career awaiting you with an endlessly exciting development path.

If you’re looking to take the leap into a new and exciting career in fashion, read through the following six reasons why there’s no better passion than fashion.

Fast Fashion

If you’re looking for a career which is quickly moving forward, then you’ve picked a winner in fashion. Onward movement and a taste for what is new, what is developing, and what can be developed is a part of every flourishing fashionistas skill set. The fashion industry champions new movements in both fashion, and in the way business is performed and managed.

As quickly as a task begins, it finishes and a new task takes its place, creating an environment where skills are quickly gained and honed.

Satisfaction, Guaranteed

A satisfying outcome of your move into the fashion industry will come from watching people you interact with change or develop.

Whether you’re undertaking a career as a designer, a professional makeup artist or as a personal stylist (click here to learn more about the stylist courses at Professional Styling Academy), the transformation process is intoxicating as a practitioner, and hugely satisfying in its outcome.

Having the ability to positively transform and affect the life of a client is one of the reasons why a career in fashion has longevity and career satisfaction.

Creative Space

Working in a creative space (where you can watch your ideas come to life) is a rare pleasure which no longer exists in many industries. Choosing a career in the fashion industry allows you to tap into your creative resources each day, and find ways to express your current inspirations through colour, texture and design.

Transmitting these creative urges via the transformation of others creates a kind of kinetic buzz which makes clients positively engage and return to future business.

Diversity Rules

One of the key features of the fashion industry is its diversity – in both the range of career paths and in the people you come into contact with. Schools offer a broad range of skills to prepare you for a career in fashion, including everything from fashion design to fashion merchandising degrees  

There is no one type of client or colleague – the people you meet will come from a diverse range of backgrounds and will each have their own needs, influences and budgets. Finding a way to navigate, include and interpret these desires will keep your inspiration growing and your client base happy.

The Sky’s The Limit

There’s no upper limit on where you can go and what you can achieve in your career in fashion. If you’re looking to work with glamorous, jet-setting clientele, there’s a market for you. If you’re looking to transform the lives of everyday people and make a difference, there’s also a market for you.

There’s also scope for movement within the industry – from styling, to retail, to marketing and sales. Having the flexibility and agility to be able to transfer jobs and roles with a minimum of fuss will also allow you to have greater movement and freedom.

A World Wide Web

The fashion industry is not as centralised as the ubiquitous ‘London, Paris, New York, Milan’ mantra would have you believe. Fashion can take you anywhere – whether that’s a new suburb in your city or a country you’ve never before heard of.

For example, a personal stylist can be engaged locally for an ad hoc client. This type of work many entail analysing the client’s fashion style and overall lifestyle, while providing up-to-date options on how they can update their look. A personal stylist can also be engaged in a permanent one-on-one role with a client where they exclusively look after this client. This may involve extensive travel or relocation.

Though the two roles are ultimately the same, their scope differs. In fashions, there is no one set career path – you can choose your own adventure.

If you’re after a rewarding, stimulating and fun career – then look no further. Fashion can take you anywhere you want to go, in whichever way you want to get there.

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