Beauty: 7 Hairstyling Tips You Wish You Knew

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By Michelle Murphy

Plenty of women get bored with their hair every now and again and more so in spring. Whether this is because she feels the need to spring clean herself and dust away the cobwebs, getting a new hairstyle in spring can be a much needed treat. Styling her hair doesn’t have to be a challenge, it can be made easy and even enjoyable with some helpful tips that she might not already know about. Here are 7 hairstyling tips every woman wishes she knew about (if you’re a man, you can check out these hairstyles for inspiration):

1. Make Homemade Dry Shampoo

What many women don’t know about is that they can make their own dry shampoo instead of having to waste money at the supermarket or beauty store. Here is how to make homemade dry shampoo: ▫ 2 tbsp. of corn starch ▫ 2 tbsp. of rice flour ▫ 2 tbsp. arrowroot powder ▫ Few drops of essential oil To make it, simply add all of the ingredients into a salt shaker and share until well mixed. This can then be easily sprinkled into the roots of hair when needed. No more rung out of dry shampoo… Hoorah!

2. Trim Split Ends At Home

Those nasty split ends always seem to sprout the day of an intranet event or party. What many women don’t realize is that those nasty slit ends can be trimmed in the house with minimal effort. All she needs to trim her split ends is to split the hair in half at the neck, split the hair again and start twisting to the end of the hair. Once the hair has been twisted all the way down, she will easily be able to see those split ends sticking out from the twist. She can then get a small pair of scissors and trim away those split ends.

3. Curl Hair Using Tin Foil

It always seems to be the way that women with straight hair want curly hair and women with curly want straight hair. It can be a bit of a challenge to get straight hair to curl… that is until the tin foil trick. Straight hair can be curled by twisting sections of hair into loop and wrapping the loop of hair in tin foil. Use hot hair straighteners to clamp around the tin foil which will heat the hair without damaging. Leave to cool and once cool, remove the tin foil and let those luscious curls fall. Of course, if all else fails, you can always use a hair curler as well.

4. Go For Balayage For A Sunkissed Style

The classic way of adding highlights to the hair is with tin foil however times have changed and new ways have been found to add highlights to the hair that looks more natural. One of these new ways is Balayage highlights which is when the color specialist will add highlights to the hair free hand and without touching the roots.

5. Make Sure To Book On A Non-Busy Day

If there is one valuable tip that is a well-kept secret, it is to book an appointment at the hair salon when they are the least busy. Going on a Saturday could mean women don’t get to spend time discussing what new hairstyle they want because the hair stalk is back-to-back busy. If she is after a brand new hairstyle, it is important to make sure the stylist has the time to properly spend on her hair.

6. Thin Hair Doesn’t Mean You Can’t Grow It

One of the biggest myths women have been told is that they cannot grow their hair because it is too thin and so end up sticking with taped hair. This isn’t true though, for women with to hair, growing it and sting it into a stacked bob will look incredible and give them the length to play with it a bit more by doing up dos and more.

7. Get Fake Bangs

Usually the perfect way to try something new is to get bangs however it can be a strong commitment as once they have been cut, there is no quick way to grow them back out. For women who want to try bangs and have long hair can tie their hair in a high ponytail and use the ends of the ponytail as the fringe while to rest will scruffier into a messy bun. This is a great way to get bangs without cutting any hair.

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