Foundation has come a long way since the cakey, mask-like stuff people used to wear a while back. With options that provide long-wearing coverage while feeling weightless on the skin, it’s quite easy to achieve complexion perfection. With the right application techniques, foundation has the potential to transform your face into a perfectly even, natural, smooth-looking pearl. Here are some tips to achieve a clean flawless looking foundation.

1. Find the Perfect Foundation

The first step to getting it all right is to choose the right shade and formulation for your skin type. When you head out to purchase a new foundation, test a few shades to get the right match. Test it on the jawline, and to correctly pick a shade, go for the one that literally disappears without blending.

Formulas also play a critical role when it comes to choosing the right type of foundation. A creamy foundation cannot be used on oily skin as it can clog pores. On the flip side, dry skin types won’t work well with matte formulations so it’s important to understand your skin type to find a formula that works best for you.

2. Prep Your Skin

Prepping your skin is an essential part of achieving seamless foundation. If your face isn’t properly cleansed and moisturized, you can as well forget about it. Maintaining a consistent skincare routine is key, so start by cleansing your skin to unclog pores and remove any dirt that may be dulling your natural radiance. Follow with a gentle exfoliation to get rid of any dry, dead skin cells that may cause the foundation to go on unevenly or look flaky. Finally, apply a moisturizer and allow it to sink in for a well-hydrated skin that allows easy blending.

3. Get Your Primer On

A good primer makes your foundation look flawless as it gives a perfectly smooth surface to hold onto and extends the wear of your foundation. It can minimize pores and mattify your face as well for a more natural-looking finish. For those with skin concerns such as uneven pigmentation, redness or dullness, a color correcting primer can even out your tone for fantastic results.

4. Use the Right Tools

Using your fingers to apply your foundation could make it look uneven and streaky. You need to get the right applicator such as a beauty blender or brush. Different makeup brushes are suited for different foundation formulas, so make sure you’re working with the right one. Your fingers can only be used to dot foundation on the areas that require more coverage

5. Proper Foundation Application

The main goal of foundation is to even out your skin tone. To achieve this, start by applying a thin layer of foundation starting at the center of the face and blending it outward. Don’t forget your neck! A slightly damp brush or sponge will seamlessly melt the foundation into your skin for a flawless finish.

Another trick in foundation application is to learn the art of custom blending. This involves the use of two foundation shades – a lighter and darker shade. Since the skin tends to change the tone during the summer and winter seasons, you are able to tweak your color all year-round.

6. Apply Concealer in the Right Places

Go back in with your concealer and a small tipped brush to cover any blemishes. A concealer can also be used to brighten certain parts of your face including the bridge of the nose, under the eyes, on the chin and the t-zone. Your concealer should be lighter than the foundation to help achieve that noticeable glow.

7. Set Your Face

For long-lasting foundation, finish it off with a dab of translucent setting powder. Emphasize on your t-zone as this is where most skin types get oil first.

There you have it! Achieve a flawless foundation finish with these clever tips.

About the author: Krisna Garcia is a freelance writer looking to grow her portfolio and enhance her writing skills. She loves to write about beauty, fashion, lifestyle, and design. She’s fond of trying out different healthy diets and hoping to have the opportunity to travel the world. Follow her on Twitter @KrisnaWrites.

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