Tips When Buying An Avocado Green Mattress

Avocado wastes no time in telling people about the company’s mission through its website. Its homepage shows visitors about its passion for being “green.” The company aims to be the most respected supplier of organic mattresses and pillows sold at affordable prices.

Customers can check and buy different variations of Avocado’s Green mattress. So, it might be challenging for first-time buyers to select the right bed. Here are four tips to help you decide the best Avocado Green Mattress for you.

Know the Size

Avocado Green mattresses come in different sizes. Here’s a list of available sizes for the various beds offered by the company:

  • Twin (38 x 74 in.)
  • Twin XL (38 x 80 in.)
  • Full (54 x 74 in.)
  • Queen (60 x 80 in.)
  • King (76 x 80 in.)
  • California King (72 x 84 in.)

Consider the height of the users when deciding on the mattress size. Also, think about the dimensions of the bedroom. Don’t try to fit a king-sized bed in a room that can only cater to a twin-sized mattress.

While you’re thinking about the size of the Avocado Green mattress, also ponder upon your budget. The beds become more expensive with its dimensions. Hence, the price of the mattress goes higher as the sizes get bigger.

For more information about the size-to-price comparison of the different Avocado Green Mattresses, check out The Mattress Nerd.

The Sleeping Position

Many people may not consider their sleeping positions when searching for a mattress. But your position during sleeping and the bed might have a deeper connection with each other than what you might initially think.

For instance, side sleepers may consider the regular 11-inch Avocado Green Mattress. But you might not add the topper as the bed might become too firm for comfort. On the other hand, people who sleep on their backs might choose the Avocado bed with the pocket coil system. This feature helps give extra support to the spine.

Check the Firmness

The Avocado Green Mattress is a bed with medium firmness. But owners can add to its density by adding the optional pillow top.

Without the pillow top, the mattress gives users a conventional innerspring feeling. If you have experiences with sleeping on a bed with an innerspring, then the Green Mattress might not feel too “foreign” for you.

But add the topper, and the mattress adds an extra layer of firmness. Specific individuals might not like this added density. However, you might like the additional thickness as it might give extra support for particular body types and weights.

Remember that buying the optional pillow-top also means adding to its total price. Again, consider your budget if the pillow-top is worth the extra investment.

Also, bear in mind that the Avocado Green bed isn’t a memory foam mattress. The bed has an organic certified cotton construction, which is a plush and soft material. So, if you’re searching for a memory foam bed, then you might consider other options on the market.

The Green Mattress vs. Other Avocado Beds

Avocado’s Green mattress is only one of three available beds from the company. The other two options are the Avocado Vegan and Crib mattresses. The Avocado Vegan mattress uses wool for its construction as opposed to the cotton and latex construction found on the Green. Also, the company claims the Vegan bed is PETA-approved.

Also, the Avocado Vegan beds are slightly less firm than their Green siblings. For comparison’s sake, the Green mattresses have a 7-inch firmness without the pillow-top and an 11-inch hardness with the optional product. Conversely, the Vegan mattress is only 5-inch firmness with the pillow-top, and a 6.5-inch firmness without it.

Furthermore, it’s essential to note that both mattresses have the same price points regardless of size. In other words, the California King Green Mattress has the same costs as the Vegan Mattress with the same dimensions.

Moreover, both bed variants have a 1-inch Dunlop latex layer. This extra sheet helps add additional support to users, which can become useful for sleepers over 230 pounds. Understanding the differences and similarities between these beds is essential to gaining value from the purchase. Learning about the product helps you appreciate the product more than before.

Consider these points when you’re shopping for an Avocado Green Mattress. Perhaps, you now have a clear decision in mind as to which Green bed you’ll buy. Let these tips help you gain extra value from the purchase. But make sure that you already know where to install the bed. Otherwise, it might be challenging to move the mattress again.


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