Makeup is essential for every woman. It makes you look beautiful and enhances your features. It has transformed the lives of many people.

Makeup develops confidence in people. When they feel that they look beautiful, then they do every work with satisfaction and ease. It has also helped the brands to show off their products to the people so that they get to know what they are buying. But makeup nowadays is difficult to be implemented.

First of all the environment and conditions are getting poorer day by day and today’s woman has very less time to give herself comfort due to the busy schedules. But there are five amazing makeup tricks which can make you look ten years younger.

1- Manicure: An old look is noticed by the shape of hands. Manicure is used as the makeover for your hands. Hands are the body part affected the most when eased in front of the sun or any poor environment. Hands can be seen, and they make a person look older much early. The exposing of hands in harmful climate and under strict conditions can cause freckles upon it. Manicure is the cleansing of hands to remove freckles. You can monthly go to a saloon to help your hands have a manicure. A manicure is also used as a scrub towards your nails to give your nails a perfect shape.

2- Pedicure: As for manicure pedicure is also used as a cleanser. Due to walking, running and other stressful activities in elder age spots and other harmful effects occur upon our feet. A pedicure helps us remove them to have smooth feet and even gives our nails a perfect touch.

3- Dying of hair: With age, the whitening of your hair is common to occur. It is one of the biggest symptoms to tell you that you are getting old. Dying is used to colour your hair according to what you want. You can select any colour you like which can suit your hair. To give your hair a better and a more eye-catching look you can even curl your hair. For the curling, you can use the best cordless curling iron as it helps you get smooth curls and it has no harm towards your hair because the heat it provides is perfectly estimated.

4- Diet.: Diet is very important to be kept under account not only to remain fit but even to look good. If your food is unhealthy and contains fats and cholesterol, it will not only make you fat, but it will even make your face structure expand. This large structure can make you look old, but if you can ensure proper diet, this can be avoided.

5- Face-wash: Face-wash is an accessory used instead of soap. It can help you remove your pimples, dark spots and freckles to make you look young.

Author Bio: Jane Williams is a makeup artist and stylist. She is obsessed with fashion, makeup and new makeovers. She regularly blogs at

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