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Beauty: Primary Causes Of Red Dots On Your Face

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By Mandy Bular

Your face is an image of the world. You obviously do not want it to be covered with ugly marks and dots.

However, for some people, they face this terrible ordeal as they suffer from the onset of consistent red dots that just refuse to go. They try creams and other medications, but the spots vanish leaving scars and after some time return to haunt them again!

When it comes to the appearance of red spots on your face, it is high time for you to wake up and visit a doctor. It is crucial for you to identify the causes if you wish to get rid of them once and for all. The following are the prime causes and remedies that you can embrace if you suffer from red dots on your face.

Allergies – identify the sources of the outbreak: Do you know that allergies to substances and the weather are enough to cause these horrible outbreaks on your skin? The spots look like acne, and the ordeal is worse if they start to itch.

Often pollen, mold, and mildew can trigger allergic reactions. Hives too can be a possible cause. It is important for you to carefully ascertain the triggers that cause the appearance of these ugly marks on your face. Prevention is better than a cure. Use protection and avoid going out when pollen is active in the air.

Medicines – check for any reactions to them:  You may be taking medicines for an underlying health problem, and the chemicals present in these drugs can be a potential cause of red dots on face. You should check with your doctor and try to be off these medicines for some time to check whether your condition improves or not.

Food -remove junk items from your diet: Junk food and drinks often mess with the skin and cause outbreaks in the form of red dots and acne. The body swells up in reaction, and small pimples appear. They may become bumps and red. They can itch and ooze pus if you scratch them.

They leave behind scars and discolor the skin making its appearance dry and flaky. Here, creams might help you, but it is prudent for you to consult a doctor and get a diet chart done. This chart should eliminate unhealthy food that creates havoc in your system.

Lifestyle habits – rest and sleep are a must! Rest and sleep are important when it comes to a healthy way of life. You should also drink plenty of water and keep your internal system well hydrated. You must ensure that you exercise regularly to maintain the blood circulation active.

Last but not the least, you must make sure that you do not pick these dots on your face. They will leave ugly marks on the skin that will result in permanent scars. Get an allergy test done and go in for an elimination diet. They will largely help you to keep these red dots from your face at bay.

Author Bio: Mandy Bular is a nutritionist and medical specialist for people suffering from allergies and red dots on the face in the USA. She helps them address the cause of the issue with healthy food and lifestyle habits.

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