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Relationships: Dating Etiquette For Millennials

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In the days of Tinder and online dating, it goes without saying that traditional dating etiquette has pretty much bitten the dust. However, that doesn’t mean to say that there aren’t equivalent rules for modern-day dating.

What exactly is the dating etiquette for millennials?

The evolution of dating

While dress suits and roses may have died some time ago, there remains dating etiquette today. The idea of a gentleman whisking a lady away on a romantic rendezvous seems somewhat exotic and reminiscent of times gone by. Yet, chivalry isn’t dead, and it is still the main player between successful matches.

Rather than focusing on what not to do, remember that politeness, respect, and charm will never go out of fashion. Weave this into any modern-day dating scenario, and you are bound to impress.

The 10 rules of modern-day dating

1. Head online: Broaden your horizons. Find your ideal match by signing up to an online dating site. Discover all available singles in your area, and see who strikes your eye. Chat online, break the ice, and online take things off-screen when you want to.

2. Don’t over-spray it: The 90s are over, and so is the overpowering stench of singles saturated in their favorite scent. Keep cologne and perfume discreet on dates. Too much scent is often voted one of the biggest turn-offs amongst men and women alike.

3. Make it a shared experience: No longer do men make all the calls in relationships. Modern day dating etiquette supports partnerships. Find out a little about each other and arrange a date that suits both your interests. Fill your time together with quality, shared experiences. Make memories built to last.

4. Figure out what you really want: People don’t always date just to be in a serious relationship. Some of us want romance, looking for love one traditional dating sites. On the other side, some of us want to find local sex contacts on Local Bangs or other adult dating sites. Your best bet is to figure out what you want and use the dating site appropriate to your needs.

5. Dress to impress: First impressions count. While top hats and bow ties aren’t necessary in this day and age, never fail to make an effort.

6. Keep it classy: An evening of Netflix and Chill? Pepper your apartment with tea lights and buy in an expensive red. Heading out for cocktails? Pick somewhere ‘swish’ and indulge in just one or two. Eating out? Pick somewhere with rave reviews, or make a reservation somewhere meaningful. Whatever type of date you arrange, keep it classy.

7. Keep options open: This isn’t the 1950s. You don’t have to settle down with the first person you meet. Play things cool, assess your options, and only take things further when you’re ready and if it feels right.

8. Have an SOS on standby: When you arrange a date, always be sure to tell someone exactly where you’re going and who with. You can never to too careful. What’s more, have an SOS drill in place to help you get out of any sticky situations. For example, a faithful friend can always urgently give you a frantic call.

9. Split the bill: Tradition says that men pick up the bill on a date. But, as we’re well and truly into the 21st century, going Dutch is the only way.

10. Lay off the likes: Thanks to the wonderful world of social media, it can be oh-so-tempting to stalk potential partners. As hard as it may be, resist the temptation to trawl through years of online activity. Take things as they come and let your relationship evolve naturally.

11. Don’t play games: It’s cute to tease, but don’t make your suitor play the waiting game. With phones and messenger services on every smartphone, there really is no excuse to leave them hanging.

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