By Lucy Jones

If you can get cheap server rack space to house your servers, you stand to gain many economic advantages.

With the help of cheap server rack space, you get the chance to store your networking equipments and servers in the rack space belonging to some other party. This is made possible in exchange of nominal colocation fees. By being able to place your servers in a third party rack space, you can free up your internal resources greatly.

You can save both office space and staff which can focus on other important business areas.

What benefits will you get from cheap server rack space?

· When you choose to sign up for cheap server rack space, you can get uninterrupted power supplies, networking connectivity, server monitoring and server maintenance services from your colocation hosting provider. This means you can save on both operational and capital costs. This turns out to be an excellent cost-saving option for companies which do not have the funds to create and maintain private data centers. They choose server colocation where the host will provide them not only with rack space to house their servers, but also networking connections, supports, security, power supplies, bandwidth and cooling systems etc.

· When you choose cheap server rack space however, you need to ensure that your host can offer you state-of-the-art infrastructure which will guarantee an optimum hosting experience. This ensures that you will not have to use your internal IT teams to monitor the servers or take care of the infrastructure. Power needs and cooling needs are expected to escalate when you must maintain an individual data center. However, for companies to provide additional power, they would need to use back-up generators. When you get cheap colocation services, you can depend upon your provider to offer the UPS systems and HVAC units.

· Moreover, with low-cost rack space, you can also enjoy redundancy. This is because when you own a private data center, you will need a lot of power. You may have to run more complex applications that demand high density power. With colocation, this becomes far easier as these facilities will grant you access to high density power for complex computing needs. Moreover, in cases of power outage, you can rely on their redundant equipments and connections.

· With cheap server rack space, you will also be able to enjoy business continuity which in turn depends upon a high uptime. The reputed colocation hosting providers will offer high-end networking that guarantees high reliability. Since most colocation hosts offer carrier neutrality, businesses are free to choose their preferred carrier.

· When you sign up for colocation features you can enjoy greater bandwidth. Bandwidth needs will grow as you start to use more complex applications. It is therefore better to choose colocation solutions because these providers can offer you high end bandwidth for lower rates. So, it is possible to enjoy access to some of the biggest IP connections and take advantage of a scalable and low-cost IP network.

· When you get cheap server rack space, you will also be able to count on round-the-clock supports through phone calls, emails and live chat facilities from your provider. You can be sure that professionals will be available at all times to assist you if there is any technical problem. However, it is better to verify this by reviewing their SLAs well before signing up.

· Finally, even if you get cheap server rack space, you can benefit from security measures that the provider deploy. Data breaches are not uncommon and this is why colocation facilities have been made more resilient towards any kind of breaches. There are robust provisions to prevent unauthorized access, natural calamities and fire outbreaks with measures like card key entry, biometric scanners, 24×7 on-premise monitoring, CCTV surveillance and cabinet locks.

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